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Deeply saddened by this. I can only imagine what his family is going through. My prayers are with them during this difficult time. R.I.P Ryan and thanks for all the great laughs and memories. The guy was one in a million.

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This is why at the end of the day, I hope people stick to their guns and vote with their wallets. Sadly, history has shown often times we complain about things, but end up buying it in the end anyway.

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My family has 3 Xboxs now, so if I were to buy 3 Xbox Ones, that means I have to buy 3 copies of the game so my wife & child can play it? Preposterous. I really enjoyed my 360 despite its flaws, but if they decide to go to a console locked disc system, I'm out.

If the industry changes things and both the consumer & business benefit, that's fine. But when it's solely for the benefit of the company and a complete loss for consumer; I can't see the wisdom in supporting that.

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Business have the freedom to be the money grubbing machines they are, we have the freedom not to buy what they're selling.

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@Brodehouse: Hey, did you see that screenshot of the new Bioware game? Maybe you're onto something here...Explosion Age: Origins!

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@Brodehouse: Every time I see someone post about "entitled bitching", it makes me cringe. In the most egregious cases like when they made Left 4 Dead 2, I can understand. While I wasn't ready for a sequel, I personally didn't complain, I just didn't buy it.

In Bioware's case, I think long time fans are seeing a decline in overall quality of their games for a few years now. They are making changes that a lot of fans don't care for, because they are changing a lot of the core of what made their games so great. It never was about the mechanics, what made Bioware's games so great was the story and character interactions. I can personally tell you after playing through DA:O, then DA:2, I was very disappointed. While not a terrible game, it was the most disappointing game of the year.

I think fans are voicing their love and disappointment with Bioware at the same time when they say negative things about multiplayer tacked on to games, like DA that don't need them. To address your statement that multiplayer won't affect singleplayer, have you thought that this might not be unilateral? DA may have to change their mechanics just to allow for an interesting multiplayer. If they do, this could adversely affect the overall game, compromising it so they can appease EA's lust for multiplayer modes.

The more time goes on, the more it seems Bioware's partnership with EA is a bad thing for the fans.

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@eroticfishcake: The thing is that they've become worse and worse. Mass Effect was great and still is. But the second one? Nuh-uh, that was really exciting when I played through it but I don't get the same feeling as I did with the first one. Dragon Age: Origins was amazing, I've played through it like five times. Maybe 200 hours in all. The second one was perhaps the worst sequel I've ever bought. They are ruining my love for RPGs. I'm not even looking forward to ME3 anymore, considering what I've read of what's been leaked. I get that those things aren't 100% going to be in the game, but still... that they even outline the story like that...

This about sums it up.

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I would recommend trying them. They are actually interesting in their own right and aren't very long. You can usually do them while on the way to another story mission, thereby doing them even more efficiently. The riddler trophies, however will take a while, and I would recommend skipping those if you're tight on time.

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At a guess, you probably can cut and paste the reviews from the previous Call of Duties. 5 stars, good game, go buy it, etc. As far as releasing the same game again and again getting lower scores, that shouldn't happen, since the game is reviewed on it's own merits. I agree CoD 5 will be tiring. That is, it's not going to deviate from it's formula, but I don't think anyone expects it to.

While CoD isn't my thing, a lot of people enjoy it, not just despite its unchanging philosophy, but because of it. At this point, the bigger question is why even review the game? Honestly. I mean if it's going to be so very similar to the others in the series, it's almost pointless.

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This seems like an incredibly awful deal. $7 for a mute character and 2 challenge maps? Yeesh.