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Was it Pathways into Darkness?

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I'm not against Toonami making a comeback, but the only way I could see this working is if they aired it in the exact same way they did on April Fools Day, Saturday nights from midnight to 6AM. Basically, it'll be Cartoon Network's version of "The 90's are All That". The fact is, today's generation of kids don't need Toonami, they have the internet and sites like Hulu and Crunchyroll to satisfy their anime needs. Our generation needed it because anime was hard to find (expensive too) and the internet wasn't like it is now. I really enjoyed the Toonami April Fools stunt, I just don't want to see a good thing get run into the ground because of insatiable fanboys who can't let go of the past. Sometimes, dead is better.

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Last - Ys Seven

First - ilomilo

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Buffy meets Onechanbara meets No More Heroes? Yes please! I hope Shadows of the Damned's sales won't affect this game's chances for a North American release.
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" Because I want to be the very best, like no one ever was. "
To catch them is my real test. "
To train them is my cause. "
I will travel across the land. "
Searching far and wide. "
Teach Pokemon to understand. "
The power that's inside. "
It's you and meeeeee! "
I know it's my destiny!! "
Oooooooh, you're my best friend! "
In a world we must defend!! "
POKEMON! A heart so true! "
Our courage will pull us through!
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I just finished the game and despite its unfinished state it's a solid game. I really liked that bonus Sand Oasis level. Just fine-tune the gameplay a bit and I think you're on to something.

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While I'm glad to see Guitar Hero finally put down, I am really sad that the DJ Hero series died along with it. That series still had some life left in it for a great third game, but now that'll never happen. All that's left is Call of Duty and Prototype and I don't see either franchise lasting for much longer. I'm indifferent on True Crime: Hong Kong, but I sympathize with those who were looking forward to it. At this point, the only Activision game I'm looking forward to now is War for Cybertron 2...until that gets cancelled.

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Red Dead Redemption won GOTY.
The performance from Jose Gonzales was classy as hell.
The announcements were great, especially Skyrim. 
There was a genuinely funny NBA Elite joke.
Seeing celebrities pretend to sound like they know about video games.
The show felt really rushed and the augmented reality they used was just pure filler. 
That song from My Chemical Romance was really bad.
Dane Cook...nuff said.

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