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I have been hearing some rumors that Sega cancelled Bayonetta 2 and Capcom is going to be killing off Mega Man. Are these rumors true?????

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The truest.

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Idk about Bayonetta 2, but why would they kill of Mega Man? That is a classic franchise with a huge following - that would be just shooting them in the foot.

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Why on God's green Earth would they do that????

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Every rumor is not not true.

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@hoossy: Or Ubisoft saying screw Assassin's Creed III cancel the game and the franchise.

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Or Nintendo stops making Mario games. Seriously Mega Man is fairly popular I think. I'll admit some of the games they released the past few years could use some work like the Star Force series and a couple of the Battle Network games.

I'm not sure if anyone is aware of this or not but I wrote a blog a while back asking where should the Mega Man franchise go from here or make a sequel to some of the series so we can get a better ending. Here it is right for veiwing and commenting on.

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I don't think bayonetta 2 got cancelled, more like shelved for quite a while.

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It's possible that Bayonetta 2 will come out eventually, but it does look bleak since Sega apparently let a lot of people go. This is the first I've heard of Mega Man getting cancelled but I really doubt they'd get rid of one of their most famous mascots.

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Rumors says that Brad's voice isn't really that low, but the editors behind Giant Bomb have been pumping up the bass on his microphone for years as a running joke.

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I liked Bayonetta and I wanted to see what Sega would do with her. As for Mega Man, I think I heard it off of screwattack or some other website I can't remember. I was kinda pissed when Capcom killed Zero at the end of Zero 4. I think he's a cool character. The biometal Model Z was ok but I'm left wondering if he survived the explosion at the end of ZX Advent.

Well Zero is in the latest Marvel vs. Capcom so thats cool I think. I did find Mega Man's appearance and personality in the PS3 version of Street Fighter x Tekken a little odd. I always thought of Mega Man to be brave, the SFxT version is a bit of a coward when he went up against Pac-Man and his wooden robot thing even though he fights robots bigger than him in every game he's in.

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yeah i hope they kill off mega man, what a little dick. he's such a womanizer too. i mean megaman beats his wife! thats what makes him so "mega" its terrible. he does deserve to die, so i say kill him!

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@Clonedzero: Mega Man has a wife??

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@hoossy said:

Idk about Bayonetta 2, but why would they kill of Mega Man? That is a classic franchise with a huge following - that would be just shooting them in the foot.

Yeah, why would they ever do that? Much better to cancel the games that their fans actually want and then release the same game 50 times until... wait a second...

Also no, Bayonetta did pretty well for them I believe. That said, has it been confirmed? Platinum already has at least two games in the works right now, I don't see them working on another.

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What is the point of this thread again?

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@JoeyRavn: To see wheather or not the rumors I put are true or false.

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Capcom can do whatever they want with Megaman, but they'd better announce right goddamn now that Bayonetta 2 is and will remain a thing. I don't even want to hear RUMORS of cancellation or development hell.

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@saoakden said:

@JoeyRavn: To see wheather or not the rumors I put are true or false.

Source for the Mega Man "rumors"? Don't like me to your own blog, please.

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@JoeyRavn said:

What is the point of this thread again?

The proliferation of dubious electronic entertainment development developments.

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If they were true would they still be rumors instead of official news? 

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Bayonetta 2 is now equal to Beyond Good and Evil 2 (except only one of those games is something I'm eagerly awaiting, and it actually isn't the one with the hyper sexualized female lead).

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You don't know what rumor means.

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@saoakden said:

I have been hearing some rumors...

Is never a good way to start a thread. Unless you have a source to back up these rumours then this is just wild speculation, which is on par with trolling.

Regardless, people have made an effort to confirm/deny these "rumours", so as there seems to be little in the way of meaningful discussion here, I'm going to assume this thread is resolved.