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I resisted Dark Souls as long as I could because it just seemed like the type of game I never wanted to play. A lot of the elements/features that make up Dark Souls seemed... counterintuitive to how I normally play video games. No map for my poor sense of direction? Parrying/blocking instead of all-out aggression? An unforgiving game that can punish grinding in one fell swoop? I noped as much as I could.

But I watched a couple streams here or there. My friends pushed me hard towards it, telling me to just "give it a chance." So one Steam sale and fiddling around GFWL later, I tried it.

And I was pleasantly surprised. The design of the map and the shortcuts (plus the constant runbacks) ensured that I knew how to navigate around the world of Dark Souls from the back of my hand. The satisfaction of getting a backstab/parry off was gratifying and finding that one slim opening to get aggressive on a boss fight was great. Losing 20k souls because I made one dumb mistake? Normally, I would rage at losing that amount of potential experience, but I shrugged and moved on.

I had the benefit of asking friends for guidance and watching Vinny's streams though, which helped immensely but none of that really helped while I struggled through Sen's Fortress alone for hours on end. Regardless, it still felt like a huge accomplishment and you really can't replicate the relief you get when you finally find a bonfire after going through a really hard section.

Long story short, I'm really looking forward to being part of the zeitgeist of Dark Souls 2 because, like Patrick said in his article, I don't think the "newer" players really had that genuine experience of going into these games blindly. One thing Dark Souls really imparted onto me was a little bit more confidence in my gaming ability and I'm hoping that translates horribly in Dark Souls 2.

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After holding back tears at work (which devolved into sobbing when I read all the tributes at home), I found it silly that I am shedding tears for someone I never met or even interacted with. But considering that I spent countless hours a week for almost 5 years listening to Ryan, it was a constant in my life that somehow fit into my regular schedule. So many condolences to his family and friends