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Props on them for going with a lead character who isn't, "Boring White Guy No. 472" If I wanted that experience I've got life to deal with.
Also, hell yes on the collaborations happening here.

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MW2 and its predecessor both felt like console games to me, which makes this news something of a non-issue in reality. If these people really cared about this -- and weren't just throwing a fit because that's the easiest thing to do -- they'd find and support another developer willing to make the kinds of games they want. Then again, that kind of decision making belongs to people who act like rational, mature individuals and is why we're seeing bumper stickers with silly platitudes.

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I'd love to see some DLC too.
Personally, I think they could add a new faction in the form of Industrial Metal. Something like DLC that adds a 1-2hr stretch of missions dealing with a new faction would be pretty awesome. It could also add a multiplayer faction and thus be both single and multi?
Dunno, maybe that's asking too much for 800 point / $10 DLC. I think if it was all that, I'd probably pay 1200/$15.

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If anyone can make a DotA game that appeals to large swaths of people, it's Valve.
Also, it would be weird playing a Valve game that wasn't set in first person.

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Yes, but it's been a little while since I last played.

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After hearing the guys talk about avatar clothing on the marketplace, I became curious about who's been buying what on GiantBomb. I'll cop to picking up a bunch of the steampunk stuff, because well, I'm a sucker for steampunk crap. I considered the lightsaber, but ultimately decided that 5 bucks was too much, especially since they only have it in blue.

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@Novyx: HK-47 was a clever and original use of the classical Droid archetype seen in the original Star Wars movies. Subject Zero is a ham-handed version of Tank Girl combined with the faux-edginess you see on suburban kids with Japanese tattoos.
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@Novyx: Variety is only as good as the options you're given. I can see the 13yr old male appeal of Subject Zero, but I don't have to like it.
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 That's the only conclusion I can come to when looking at that new trailer for Subject Zero.
Also, what's with these names BioWare? Grunt? Subject Zero? I get that names have to be memorable, but those names are the etymological equivalent of a kick to the groin. You want people to remember your names for the right reasons.
But yes, I'm feeling far less interested in Mass Effect 2 after Grunt and Subject Zero. I'll still be watching for further developments, and that assassin character was at least quite awesome... maybe I can use him to kill Subject Zero, hm. Okay, maybe they're onto something here.

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I've taken my time, but as of last night I've finally delved into Batman: Arkham Asylum.
More than any other game this year, B:AA proves that developers are learning from past mistakes. It also shows the potential pay-off of thinking around the edges of the box, so-to-speak. Everything this game does has been done before, which isn't to say none of it isn't fun or exciting. What really makes it for me, though, is that extra effort that so many games either don't have or don't express well enough for me to notice.
I walked by a phone, and a woman calling for her husband -- who works at Arkham Asylum and was apparently late -- was answered by The Joker. His reply to her inquiry of where her betrothed was- well it had me smiling wide.
I don't want to get too deep into review territory, but there are three things B:AA does insatiably well:

  • Combat
  • Item collection
  • Embracing itself
When I say embracing itself, I mean that B:AA is unapologetically Batman in so many ways.
There are certainly some rough spots. The Bane fight comes to mind, which requires a specific approach to victory. This wouldn't be an issue if combat didn't encourage the player to be creative and diverse in dispatching common foes. An opportunity was most certainly missed in the Bane fight, as giving players a variety of ways to win the fight, Batman-style, would've been ideal. However, there are other encounters which follow the linear design philosophy and avoid using combat as the lynch pin of their design -- and they work just fine.
So I haven't beaten the game at this point, yet I already find myself thinking of what's next after this game. What other properties could -- and undeniably should -- be taken with this amount of seriousness? If we're talking comic book characters, I feel like Iron Man is a property with similar yet significantly more lighthearted potential. Beyond that, there's a ton of great sci-fi and fantasy books begging for this kind of treatment. How does a urban fantasy hard-boiled detective game sound to you? Look no further than The Dresden Files.