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Currently do one on it's called Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time. Honestly I would say don't pick longer games. Doing Okami has been total hell because of how long it is, and because we have to take time to do that series we can't focus on others.

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THey are different, when I say I want a sandwich it does not mean burger and vice versa

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mass effect 2

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I got an X stone I would love to trade for a Y stone

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its starting to taper off a bit

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@nux said:

What will we do without Lord Helix?

Praise Lord Omelette

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So we got Bird Jesus 2.0 and our starter was Lazorgator

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Well, it's tax time here in the U.S., and people are getting back some "free" money from the government! For the first time in years I'll get to spend a portion of it on things I like.

Currently, my cart is filled with:

- Super Mario 3D World

- Earth Defense Force 2025

- Lords of Shadow 2

- Infamous: Second Son

Anyone else pulling the trigger on a huge pile of games because of tax season? Or are you finally picking up one of the new consoles? Turns out getting to spend it on games is damn fine.

Mine is Final Fantasy X HD collectors edition and Titanfall. I also might get an Xbox One

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hmmmm I'm just reminded the first year of both PS3 and Xbox 360 multiplatform releases. And that took a while till about 2010 till it got all sorted out into some consistent releases.

Eh even then the PS3 was getting kind of screwed Bayonetta and amazing game on the 360 is only average on PS3 because of the frame rate. Though PS3 did get a better version of FF13 and Catherine.

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So I was listening to this podcast Unscripted Accesss. It got me thinking how much does the gap matter? Because I have seen Tomb Raider on XB1 and it looks great. I don't see what all the complaining is about. here is a link to the episode I am talking about