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Any help would be appreciated

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So I am replacing my TV ,but I am on a budget. So I have it lowered down to a few Vizios and wanted to ask the Giantbomb Community which would be the best option for playing games. I am also open to other brands but my budget is 600 dollars and my current TV is 50 inches so I would like to stay in the 47inches to 55inch range. Thanks for the help duders

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Currently do one on it's called Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time. Honestly I would say don't pick longer games. Doing Okami has been total hell because of how long it is, and because we have to take time to do that series we can't focus on others.

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THey are different, when I say I want a sandwich it does not mean burger and vice versa

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mass effect 2

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I got an X stone I would love to trade for a Y stone

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its starting to taper off a bit

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@nux said:

What will we do without Lord Helix?

Praise Lord Omelette

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So we got Bird Jesus 2.0 and our starter was Lazorgator

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@csl316 said:

Well, it's tax time here in the U.S., and people are getting back some "free" money from the government! For the first time in years I'll get to spend a portion of it on things I like.

Currently, my cart is filled with:

- Super Mario 3D World

- Earth Defense Force 2025

- Lords of Shadow 2

- Infamous: Second Son

Anyone else pulling the trigger on a huge pile of games because of tax season? Or are you finally picking up one of the new consoles? Turns out getting to spend it on games is damn fine.

Mine is Final Fantasy X HD collectors edition and Titanfall. I also might get an Xbox One