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My PSN Name is sargemcd and I am an alcoho---err.. I play this videogame...

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11.5 million.

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Saw Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

Creepy, dark, suspenseful and pretty dang good. Probably a running for some sort of awards.

A -

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Our very own Pinky and the Brain.

And I mean that in a genuinely nice way. The classic straight man and foil duo.

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Kinda spent more time with Ryan than I did my actual family. Due to distances and a lack of them being internet people, but still. The GB crew has and still is a major part in my interactions with people (videos, podcasts, community, etc.).

Today is a bummer way to start the summer. Miss ya Ryan.

Now to watch him burn phat stax of cash and laugh along with him.

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Finally got the confirmation on Dan and the reveal of the 2nd duder.

Cool stuff welcome aboard.

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This is going to be strange, but I'm going to try to think positive. Going to be strange to not have Vinny steal UPF over and over, but there will just be new ways for him to do something even more Vinny-like.

Giant Bomb East is a crazy step, hopefully it all works.

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Hell, I applied. Why not?

If I was clever it would have been a video resume to show that I can handle a camera.

Oh well. Unqualified resume on its way.

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Scooooooooooooooops! You got another awesome article. Well done!

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This does need to be recorded somehow. All of the spin-offs, sequels, pre-quels and remakes.

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