I saw Dishonored, and I think it could be awesome.

I was covering QuakeCon 2011 here in Dallas for The Dallas Morning News (just as a freelancer. I'm not on staff). So I got the chance to sit in on a Dishonored demo, but the newspaper only wanted a wrap-up story, not individual game impressions. So I decided to write up some game impressions on my personal blog. The Dishonored entry is here.

Normally I wouldn't shamelessly promote myself like that, but I didn't see anyone talking about the game here, and I think it's looking really cool. Since Giant Bomb didn't cover Quakecon, I figured I'd put up my impressions as a member of the Giant Bomb community and get your thoughts on the game. I personally think it has a lot of potential, even though it might look a bit like a BioShock clone (more specifically, BioShock Infinite) when you first see it. It seems to be doing it's own thing, and doing it well.

::EDIT:: To clarify (since there seems to be a bit of confusion), this game does NOT look like a Bioshock "clone" in terms of gameplay or anything when you really see it in action. That's just the very first reaction some people might have if they see the right screenshots or snippets of gameplay. The character models and animation have the same sort of feel as Bioshock Infinite, if only at first glance. But the game itself is very much it's own thing, and is probably in fact closer to something like Thief or Deus Ex than it is Bioshock.


Retro Gaming Party - Video

My first video for The Daily Toreador (I'm usually a writer/editor) probably would have been far better if I hadn't been battling sinus issues during the voice over session, but oh well. I had fun filming and editing it. If you're a Texas Tech University student and missed out on this, shame on you!



Fun With Quests

I've got to say, the folks at Giant Bomb really know how to appeal to the achievement whore in me. The extensive (and awesome) achievement features on the site already hd me clamoring for more S-ranks. Now I need to do a bunch of scavenger hunt-like activities too.
Good thing it's a lot of fun. The only problem is that there still seem to be a few kinks in the system. But overall things seem relatively smooth.
And in no way am I writing this blog post purely to fulfill a quest requirement. Nope. Not at all.