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I'm @BrittonPeele on Twitter. I write about and review video games for a bunch of places (including GameSpot), if you're into that sort of thing.

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Colonial Marines, Duke Nukem Forever... Have Gearbox actually made a good game?

The Half-Life expansions, the wonderful PC port of Halo, Brothers in Arms, and the Borderlands games.

Also, they seem to be doing right by the Homeworld IP so far, handing it off to the original developers (who were in development of a "spiritual successor" to Homeworld than can now just be a proper Homeworld game). And instead of rushing to capitalize on Borderlands every year with a next-gen BL3, they're taking a risk with a new IP (Battleborne), which developers aren't doing enough these days.

Honestly, while I definitely didn't think Colonial Marines was a great game, I think Gearbox gets a whole heck of a lot more crap than it deserves. Of the games it has had a hand in releasing (including an Aliens game that was actually OK: Aliens: Infestation developed by Wayforward), there have been far more hits than misses, especially if you take out Duke Nukem Forever as something they had almost no control over.

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It's already been said, but Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne are still fantastic RTS games and well worth playing now. Warcraft 2 is also still OK.

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@siroptimusprime said:

@defaultprophet: Apparently, according to some people here, because of where he lived they in fact didn't come up before. The DMV is incredibly stupid and there's a good reason they usually come up when talking about why bureaucracy is frustrating.

Actually no, what's come up in this topic is that the owner holds the title in Minnesota so he should have it. And you need a registration like if a cop pulls you over and asks for license and registration...

Not in all states. In Texas they ask for license and insurance. We have registration stickers on our windshields, though.

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I met him at QuakeCon later in the day. Extremely nice guy.

Also, Doom looks a LOT better than I expected it to, and we saw more of it than I anticipated. I thought we'd see maybe a minute of pre-rendered footage and then hear about how development is going, but they showed a lot of gameplay. Still, I understand why they're not going big with the reveal yet. They're clearly very passionate about it and want time to make sure it's perfect when they show it to the world.

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@noahtheboa999: Like this: This is one of the first reviews I ever got paid to write. It was for The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion pack. (I went on to review a few more of these, as well as The Sims: Medieval, for GamesRadar.)

My advice would really just be: Spend as much time as you think you need to in order to get a really good feel for the game and all it has to offer. Does that mean seeing every single piece of content? Hell no. Only a tiny fraction of gamers will ever see everything anyway. But it does sometimes mean spending a lot more hours than you'd like to with a game. I think when I was reviewing one of the Harvest Moon games for the DS (another "unbeatable" game) I at least wanted to see each of the game's four seasons. But that will vary from game to game.

"Would you trust my opinion if I wrote a review of Street Fighter 4?"

Maybe not (depends on who your audience is), but here's the beautiful thing: You don't have to. There are more than enough video games out there that you can review them all the time and never touch a single fighting game.

I've turned down review assignments for that exact reason. I recently turned down reviewing WarThunder on PS4 because, while I've played casual fighter pilot games in the past, I didn't feel like I was well-versed enough in the genre to give the game a fair, in-depth analysis. I once turned down reviewing an Adventure Time game for GameSpot because I have never seen the show (which I'm sure someone will crucify me for), so I wasn't qualified to do the review. And so on.

(Side note: This is one reason why it really bugs me when people say, "[X Site] got a guy that hates RPGs to review [RPG I like]!" Uhhh, no. That doesn't typically happen. I review the games I review because I know (and generally like) games that are similar to them. I'm not going to review a fighting game, even though I like them sometimes, because I'm not the target audience for it.)

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About half an hour by car. Used to be an hour, back when I still lived with my parents. But it's worth it to live in the suburbs for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being it's a lot cheaper to own a house where I am.

A single episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me gets me to work and back on Tuesdays, then the weekly Bombcast usually gets me through the rest of the week (I don't work on Mondays and I work from home on Saturdays). I have episodes of Sawbones and Judge John Hodgman on my iPod in case the other podcasts fail me for any reason, and I have episodes of Star Talk Radio in a "break glass in case of emergency" situation.

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While I agree that the journey is as/more important than the destination, spoilers still (very) often suck.

The Harry Potter spoiler you reference, specifically, is a huge moment. Yeah, now it's been reduced to kind of a joke, but as someone who read that scene without any prior knowledge of what was about to happen, it was jaw-dropping. Even if I could have predicted it, there's a huge difference in thinking something might happen and knowing it will happen.

There's also the fact that the more you know about something, the less impactful it is when you finally get there. You might know that at the end of Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader dies, and maybe you can still enjoy that moment regardless... But if you tell me specifically that, "Darth Vader dies by throwing the Emperor down a well or something and he does it to save Luke who he really cares about because oh yeah Luke is his son," you're giving me fewer and fewer reasons to want to watch the movie for myself.

It's even worse for stories where the whole point is the twist. Things like mysteries and detective stories are rarely as satisfying on repeat viewings, because you already know who done it.

Yes, I'll give you this: There have been a few times when I've known something is going to happen in a plot, so I'm anxiously watching/reading to see how the writers will take me there. Fine. But that's often most effective when knowing the end is the point (such as in successful prequels, etc.). It's far less exciting when it's something that the writers could have caught you off-guard with, but didn't because it was spoiled ahead of time.

::EDIT:: Oh yeah, and that Brothers spoiler you mention is absolutely more impactful if you don't know it's coming. Is it still beautiful either way? Sure. But it's better if you don't know.

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@alexgbro said:

if it is not free it will be a failure, also i imagine all heroes will be just passives like in borderlands with 1 active ability that will be dumb down

I don't think they're going for the traditional MOBA audience like LoL or DOTA players. I don't think it will be free and I don't think that will be a problem.

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That freelancer they've got for reviews, Britton Peele? He seems like he'd be good.