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brad cause he's a chill bromeister

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i was gonna pick neither but i have no idea how id react around a dangerous spider/snake. prolly be skittish. im cool with both though as long as they arent trying to fight me

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hey guys space exploration - its like another mass effect amirite?

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is the correct answer Zack Hemsey?

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@Dixavd said:

Yes. Definitely! One day we will have robots that start by tiny building blocks with a very tiny string of code. This code will tell it how to grow and what it becomes. It will also build the basics of its mind that robots today have to simply respond to things as it is programmed to do. But this code will just be the ground work, it will be able to learn and override its original code.

You know... the same way humans work.

that sounds like a dream i had once. except it had to do with architecture and self perpetuating geometry instead of intelligence. trripy!

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but in pitfall you can go left

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after your second or third week of having no ciggarettes you'll have passed the worst of it. at least thats how it was for my brother.

but it'll feel like a really long 2 weeks haha good luck

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wtf that came out of nowhere!

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kendrick lamar is probably gonna drop some game changing shit october 2nd. if it dont get delayed; aftermath has a poor track record with that kinda thing.