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So basically we've learned being biased and not including games you don't like in list threads like this will come back to bite you in the ass. I'm so embarrassed for you right now.

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I voted for one because it had the least convuluted and most comprehensively interesting story line, and it's the first time and all that...

But thinking about it 3 is probably the best. I spent a ton of time playing multiplayer, the story was decent etc. 4 was also strong, and Reach was also fantastic fun. ODST despite the length was kind of an excellent little Halo experience...

The only truly BAD Halo game is 2. Without the multiplayer that mess would be irredeemable.

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Agreed. I LOVE Silent Hill, and I love the idea of a big high profile reboot instead of the games going away forever. But the thing that makes those first games so truly intriguing us the nuance. The subtly. The restraint. Not the first things you think of when you think Kojima. I hope he's just a producer, because I don't think he has it in him to make a good Silent Hill game himself.

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Alan Wake! Totally have big love for Alan Wake. It's all the things I love about Stephen King, even including the terrible weird stuff like the ghost dude in a diving suit.

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@krullban said:

To the people saying that people keep posting this and giving excuses. Shouldn't the fact that people keep posting this show you that there is a problem? The quality of the content has went down incredibly, and it's always been going down, and there are always excuses. "Oh, it'll get better when they get adjusted to their new office." "Oh, they moved office again, it'll get better when they get adjusted to their new office." Always, constant excuses. People keep bringing it up because it is a problem. The site lost everything that made everybody fall in love with it in the first place, and it's just been getting worse and worse since they moved into the office with all the other sites.

The fact that Patrick makes up more than half of the free content(And has been for an extremely long time now) is ridiculous. Nobody on the staff seems to care anymore and as the years have past and with all the people saying it's going to get better; it hasn't, it has progressively gotten worse.


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To be honest, I think the site has changed from what I liked about into something maybe not so much. I think losing Ryan was a HUGE hit, something I didn't fully appreciate at the time. He Quick Looked a TON which was one of my favorite features to watch, and he had a unique way of being the host presence, the main guy who everyone was able to bounce off of in unique fun ways.

Right now the site for me is almost only for the Bombcast, which once again is missing Ryan big time, and Patricks articles, which as far as I can tell is now like 90 percent of the content on the site? I like spookin and Alex and Patrick and Worth Reading are all great and stuff... But every single news story currently on the site is either Alex or Patrick. Honestly, not trying to sound mean, but what does Brad Shoemaker even do for this company? Does he write one article a week I never manage to find, and then show up for the bombcast all sleepy and out of it for seemingly no reason?

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@microshock: So what? The gameplay mechanics aren't the point or the appeal of those segments.

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I really hope we get another game from the same team with similar creative leads. I think it's telling that the new Rocksteady game seems to be leaning towards Origins artstyle as opposed to the initial approach.

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Hey... Hey you guys. I LOVE Batman Arkham Origins. Like I think it's the best game of the three. Hear me out here. I HATE the aesthetic of the first two games. The art design is straight out of the late 80's early 90's, the Bane/Doomsday/Venom era where characters were EXTREME and every body was absurdly huge. The Killer Croc design in Asylum is a total joke. For my money Origins is the best Batman aesthetic design of the characters modern history. I LOVE Origins Killer Croc! I LOVE Death strokes incredible look, just terrific. I LOVE Joker. I LOVE the Bat suit! It looks absolutely perfect, and I love how the game is one part Nolans reality, one part Burtons Gothic fantasy, and one part the comic books/Animated Series.

At the same time, I love the story. It's not this crazy goofy too comic booky thing, it's actually very enjoyable. I understand that people are tired of Joker, but frankly it was such a well done version of him that I couldn't be bothered to be apathetic. The moment you hear that wonderful Christmas theme I was grinning ear to ear. It's like Heath Ledger and Mark Hamill had a crazed little Joker baby. Not to mention the gameplay was as good as it has ever been. The detective sequences were cool and engaging and the new toys were a blast to play with.

Honestly, I wonder why this game is thrashed almost across the board. I have to imagine it's "third game" syndrome, where a game is undervalued if simply because people have been there and done that too many times. This has happened a lot actually, and for some reason I always enjoy the third entries as much as the incredible second entry, while others give the game WAAAAAY too much crap for not reinventing the genre. See Uncharted 3 and the extremely underrated Dead Space 3, another game I might have to defend in this thread.

So what about you guys? What's that game that you really really love that for one reason or another seems to be disrespected in the community? FIGHT TO THE DEATH!

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Is this not an early April 1st gag?