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There's no Giant Bomb teamspeak what the what?

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Do we have a Teamspeak address with a channel for this beta or anything? I'd love to group up with some folks.

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My expectations were low...

I was SO stoked for a Star Wars skinned Battlefield 4. So so so stoked. Then I realized no, they're literally harkening back to the old Battlefront games... Which seemed, odd... Those games designs are. Well. Old! I guess my real dissipointment comes from the fact that I'm deep into Heroes of the Storm, and played Diablo 3, and Evolve and these games will these cool, unique heroes who have interesting abilities that drastically extend the gameplay possibilities to insanely customizable heights. The name of the game is unique gameplay situations and lots of cool personalities. Look at Overwatch. Battleborn. That is where games are at in 2015...

So to give me a game with four or five generally samey blasters, no classes... I mean it's not just that it doesn't have tons of abilities and unique gameplay stuff, it's that it doesn't have BATTLEFIELD 2's unique gameplay... It's THAT simple...

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Raw was DEAD silent tonight, you could drop a pin. Except of course for obvious pops like the New Day Sucks chant, which had a very thick sounding drawl on it. I felt like Rust Cohle sitting on the corner of the ring going...

Rust- Just power of observation Marty. I think it's fair to say none of these people are going to be splitting the atom anytime soon, especially when they boo the hottest group in the company.

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I got to be sad and miserable seeing Sting hurt and struggling, and then fucking Kane returns for a feud. UGH.

Rollins looked great. Very Shawn Michaels.

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I felt awful watching Sting, especially when he collapsed under the clothesline. It's sad to be at this point but please don't wrestle again.

Was stoked to see Owens win gold and felt bad for Ryback. Poor Ryback tried to elevate that title like Cena did the US, but that wasn't working. Hope he finds his thing and makes it work. Owens on the other hand, if he can overcome the curse of the IC champion, can elevate it. Those fans were way into KO.

Baby face hero champion... FU's Rollins onto the ground... Fucking WWE, with their confused, gross attitudes towards bullying.

The Diva's Revolution is NOT a Revolution just because you keep saying it is over and over. Nikki was working the wrong leg half the time, and then tabbed out like a trout flopping around in its death throes.

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Cesaro loses again. I can't remember the last time he won anything meaningful. WWE WANTS to bury this guy. I'm no booker, and I can tell you for sure the first step for the machine to help a guy get a good boost is not just for him to look good in his matches, but to FUCKING WIN. Why did Big Show have to win that match?

At least KO tends to win more often than not lately.

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So my usual gaming community has died down to cinders, and it's time I started being a little more socially active and discovering new PC gaming communities. Does Giant Bomb have a Teamspeak address I can visit?

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I love monster characters, especially a monster character in the Wyatt dynamic. Thank God they realized Bray's character is "cult leader" and he dies on the vine without it. Sorry Luke Harper. You are excellent, but your singles career is going to have to be a Wyatt career. I hope you're OK with that.

So thing I noticed about the WWE, specifically this weekend but recently in general. They're shitty bullies. Big show gets knocked out by his heel teammates for a mis cue. Ok. That tracks. But then four baby faces get into the ring, and to the cheers of the crowd, humiliate and brutalize a downed opponent four on one. John Cena AA's a non wrestler Jewish man who weighs easily half of what he does. These guys are supposed to be the heroes? Why are they acting like asshole heels? I think it's because Vince and Russo do not understand the difference and like CM Punk, they are genuinely bullies in their heart and soul. They don't act like bullies. They ARE bullies.