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I will play games I hate but just like most people's preferred horror movies it has to be really bad or really good. Mediocre games are a waste of time. Its often a fun challenge.

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I didn't do anything special and I had a blast. Just do what you want it won't matter that much.

If you get stuck or frustrated use a mod if on PC or use trap skill raise glitch. Its a single player game, who cares how you play, have fun.

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Its important to me because I'm bored of the same shit being put out. Diversity in gender, sexuality and race is as necessary as diversity in gameplay, equipment(read: guns) and graphical style. Or maybe I'm completely unaware of all the successfull wwii shooters still coming out today?

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I like keeping a beard but I don't think searching for a religious reason is right. Give your beard the respect it deserves and stand up for it.

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I'm playing less which is certain but the only thing I can assume is the cause of my disinterest is a lack of narrative focused games. I'm sure there are a few out there but I lately feel like most are shallow or not a focus of the game.

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I've heard these things before and I believe a gender toggle will never fix all the problems with equality in games.

Those who have a problem with the female not being characterized properly because of male traits have a point. That point though is resources are not being made to change the role beyond voice and adding boobs but this is still a valid female characterization. The world is a diverse place where gender roles are not the rule.

FemShep is the tomboy I want to play and I'd rather they don't just slap on what is currently understood as female traits.

Gender isn't binary and gender/sex/sexual oreintation does not enforce any traits 100% of the time.

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I'm a call centre employee with an overpriced comunication company.

Asking "may I have your name" getting the response "sure,(555) 555-5555" 50% of the time. Great, now I know your arent listening and whatever question you called in with will take five times as long to answer, FML.

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@likeassur: I agree, neir in the second and third play through was brutal. There were a few bosses I just could bring myself to kill(at first), I was just broken.

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The funeral in lost oddessy had my in a fragile state.

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I think most dubs nowadays are fine if not great. Some actors are better than others and some are using the same voice for many characters which is no different than film's character actors.

I think this whole sub's v. Dubs thing is stupid. Its about comfort and preference.

Not to mention most examples given of bad dubbing is usually shonen/shojo, which can be as badly acted in Japanese like One Piece.