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@stete: the dpad is fantastic. The retrolink dpads wear out easy and feel cheap in hand. The form factor of the controller is very much the same as a megadrive 6 button controller. If you find the fight pad for a reasonable price jump on the opportunity. I do understand if you have trouble finding them, I sometimes do to and wait for them to get put back on but its so worth it.

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I get the feeling that you are looking for a pc controller. Madcatz fightpad is your best bet.

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I'm pretty bad at competitive fps but as long as I play with friends (same or different team) and I do something stupid or cool once in a while I'm ok with that. Nothing beats the feeling of knifing a piece of shit who took you down 10 times in a row with a lame shotgun.

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I have a few in a drawer and I use them in situation where I don't trust myself to take care of a phone. When I do use a smartphone its not in a very "smart" way.

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Freedom fighters multiplayer is some of the most fun I had with that game. So yes.

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I use mine for genisis and SNES stuff all the time. The turbo setting is good too for some of the button mashing those old games seem to think would be fun. The price can be pretty cheap so kind as you don't care about the paint job. They are almost always on sale on amazon.

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@yummytreesap: its great, can't get much better. Price is also good.

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The madcats fightpad is inexpensive and works on PC like wired 360 controller. It has the layout of a genisis controller plus shoulder buttons.

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There are still too many people who have never seen this game. If more people understood how awesome this game was maybe Microsoft would realistically greenlight a HD port or remake.

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"We all know it's going to come out"

Where have you guys been? I've been enjoying GTA V PC version since they released it in the triple pack with RDR and Agent.

Finally not alone, I've been looking for someone to play GTA V online with on PC. I've just been sitting here playing Halo 3 I picked up in the humble bundle with Gears of War 3 and Bayonetta. Damn that 4k resolution on the PC is rad.