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I'm a call centre employee with an overpriced comunication company.

Asking "may I have your name" getting the response "sure,(555) 555-5555" 50% of the time. Great, now I know your arent listening and whatever question you called in with will take five times as long to answer, FML.

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@likeassur: I agree, neir in the second and third play through was brutal. There were a few bosses I just could bring myself to kill(at first), I was just broken.

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The funeral in lost oddessy had my in a fragile state.

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I think most dubs nowadays are fine if not great. Some actors are better than others and some are using the same voice for many characters which is no different than film's character actors.

I think this whole sub's v. Dubs thing is stupid. Its about comfort and preference.

Not to mention most examples given of bad dubbing is usually shonen/shojo, which can be as badly acted in Japanese like One Piece.

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Pretty sure Dan would be liquid much like I imagine his feces to be with his limited diet.

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I was expecting a pretty bad movie with some stupid gags so I wasn't too disappointed generally but one thing I couldn't shake was the constant gay jokes...I'm OK with tasteless jokes but it happened over and over again. It made me feel (as a non straight person) uncomfortable and made the movie look lazy.

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For me it was, until recently, Resident Evil 6. That game really knows how to demodivate the player with pointless repition and walk and talk military bullshit.

The boss fights also feel like an entire chapter given how long it takes them to die permanately.

For the record it took me 11 months of on and off playing to finish it.

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Advent rising

Alpha protocol

Too human


Psi ops

All these cliff hangers really killed me. Just when I was starting to love them too.

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