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For me it was, until recently, Resident Evil 6. That game really knows how to demodivate the player with pointless repition and walk and talk military bullshit.

The boss fights also feel like an entire chapter given how long it takes them to die permanately.

For the record it took me 11 months of on and off playing to finish it.

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Advent rising

Alpha protocol

Too human


Psi ops

All these cliff hangers really killed me. Just when I was starting to love them too.

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@stefan: couldn't agree with you more on phantom dust, breakdown and lost oddessy. I loved that time travel(kinda) story in breakdown and the no HUD reveal.

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Raikoh from otogi or Nero from DMC4.

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He's growing on me but I can't help but see the big Brad Muir smile that is missing some of the wonder that normally comes with it.

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I played it and I certainly see what people like about it but its far from the masterpiece it's being described as. I thought there where too much combat and pacing was rough.

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@mattyftm: thank you for the explanation. I have no problem waiting.

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when clicked the download button doesn't bring up anything in the box. Other videos including part 1 and 2 are fine.

chrome Version 35.0.1916.153 m

windows 8.1

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Body of evidence...before I was educated on bdsm.