One Big Jump from DS to DSi

I got a Nintendo DSi yesterday, which doesn't sound like much except I've used the first run, regular ass DS since the system came out. Size comparison videos aren't hard to come by, but when you see it for yourself and you're able to feel the difference it's still something else. The thing I'm most impressed about with the change from DS to DSi is the screen brightness. Holy shit, the colors are so much richer compared to the regular DS. It's funny to play something like Advance Wars: Dual Strike and finally be able to tell a clear difference from red and orange when selecting CO colors. I guess it's not a life changing deal, but the screen is damn near blinding compared to the DS.  
Apparently this was taken care of as early as the DS Lite, but I didn't have a whole lot of reasons to spend money getting a smaller, lighter (easier to break as I've seen hinge cracks in action) version when my regular DS still worked just fine. Oh, and the upgraded Wi-Fi settings finally let me access the Wi-Fi in my house, which is delightful to see in action instead of error messages.

It's not all good though. Losing the GBA slot is a serious downside. To think it was taken out to make room for some camera technology is more than a little disappointing. I'm not a shutterbug. I don't have a phone with a camera. I'm not interested in taking poorly pixelated shots of [Slightly Interesting Thing A]. Opportunities to use the DSi camera will be few and far in-between. Considering how awesome the screen has become, I was interested to see how it would affect GBA games until I realized it couldn't play those anymore. Oh well.
I'm planning to get Shantae: Risky's Revenge from the DSi Store and review that later on. That game has a great look to it and it should be a solid platformer if the Gameboy Shantae game is anything to go by.