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@geirr said:

Best news of 2015!

I think we win, and they lose.

Losing is winning! The Mario Party Party Story.

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Is this a threat or a promise?!

It's a promising threat!

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@cloudymusic said:

I just re-watched the first two episodes so I'm up-to-date on all of the feuds and storylines. I'm ready.

I want to see Jeff win at least one before this series is finished.

I don't know what would be better. Jeff wins through secret practicing, or Jeff wins through no effort on his own. But it would be pretty great if he won one, haha.

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Whoops. Misunderstood the question. I chose Amita for the first Golden Path choice. It's a way better mission too. Sabal's escort/protect version of that mission was a nightmare.

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Amazing, man. These are great. And nice choice using Creepy Colonel Dan for the scissors line. It fits, totally.

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@kbohls said:

Wish it was a new Advance Wars, but seeing as Awakening did well I am not surprised to see a new Fire Emblem game out of IS.

Me too, although Fire Emblem has always been more popular than Advance Wars. I can see why with the swords and shields combined with a large cast. Still really want a new Advance Wars even though I know IS doesn't really need it anymore.

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@zorak said:

@sarumarine: Technically the Groosenator is in the game. Groose on the other hand, is not.

Oh yeah, haha. I forgot about that little detail. Here's hoping for Groose then!

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Now the only character they need to complete Hyrule Warriors is the Groosenator. Then it can be a perfect game, haha.

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@el_tajij: Yeah! You're never the only one, it's just a matter of finding other people who feel the same way. Haha. But the intro is what really gets me as far as Castlevania goes. Really catchy song.

@brandondryrock: Yeah, I really like Evil Eye, but the whole Payday 2 soundtrack is really great. Of course, that game came out in 2013, so I can only really mention the DLC stuff in 2014.