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That's... too... good. It's surreal. Seeing all those names together on one list.

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Yeah, that's really the one flaw of Bayonetta 2. The ending is nowhere near as grand as the first game. And what makes it worse is that they reuse some of the elements from the first game as a callback... but it only highlights the vast gap between punching a god out and drop kicking some dude through the sky.

Now I think the fight with Aseir is way more demanding and requires a lot more effort than Jubileus... but the end of the fight is nowhere near as satisfying.

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Mario Party Party 2: Party Harder!

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I can't... handle... the Ryckert.

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@fredchuckdave: Those QTEs are still hard. I know they're coming, and I still mess them up. The window is ridiculously tight. Never knew about the juggle stuff. The only trick I ever heard about was the Lt. Colonel Kilgore bug where you could launch tons of rockets with a kick combo.

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@arbitrarywater: I had never messed around with the Devil May Cry series when they first came out. Usually I had second hand exposure through friends. I heard a lot of good things about 3, so hopefully Bayonetta 2 works out well for you. I can't really make any first hand comparisons myself.

@gunstarred: I will say that Bayonetta 2's hardest is nowhere near as tough as Bayonetta's hardest. So if that's where the bar is, I can see why you would be left a little cold. Personally, I found Bayonetta a little too vicious as fun as it is. By the third chapter you have the enemies on fire that you can't approach unless you're in Witch Time and by chapter five you have The Lost Holy Grounds which ends on a Jeanne fight. Not to mention the Tower to Truth. That level is long. And hard. And has a boss rush.

I find Bayonetta 2 just right difficulty wise. I can actually use the other weapons rather than feel like I always have to get serious with one weapon combination. I still find plenty of fights in that game hard, but I was a little bummed they don't have new enemy placements in Third Climax like they do in Bayonetta's Hard Mode.

Both are great games though.

Gracious and Glorious ruin my day every time. And they are EVERYWHERE in Nonstop Climax.

The first time I fought those guys I died so hard. I thought Grace and Glory were bad. Gracious and Glorious are nightmares. And yes, they like own Nonstop Climax.

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@civid said:

My only gripe with the game so far is the lack of the Onyx, probably my favourite weapon in Bayonetta 1.

If you can find it (not to spoil anything), there's a character in the game with weapons that function and behave like the Onyx. Bayonetta can't use them, but it was pretty cool for me because the shotguns were definitely my go-to weapons in the first Bayonetta. So they're in there, in a fashion.

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I came into this topic to suggest some stuff, but looking over everything I've realized that video game soundtracks this year are too good. It's too fucking good guys. How am I supposed to pick?

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@mister_v said:

I have just one question.

wtf is a Pizza roll?

Check it out!

You can microwave them or put them in the oven, but they're basically little wraps with pizza-related stuff inside. It's not a great meal, but they're good in a pinch sometimes. Or in the case of Dan Ryckert, good for food-related mad science that has the potential to destroy the human race, or at the very least a good portion of San Francisco, haha.

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Dan Ryckert knows no bounds! This is probably one of the weirdest food items I've seen in awhile.