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I should have never played Yakuza 4, because now all of these hurt to watch.

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I really enjoyed the ship graveyard chapters for the spectacle. Those are some cool environments. even if they're not tied into the main plot all that well. Although there are a few annoying parts in the boat section. The one that sticks out in my mind is an area where Drake specifically mentions doing everything all quiet, but there's dudes positioned around the room so you have to get into a gunfight no matter what.

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@fredchuckdave said:

Loved Peacewalker, though my favorite part was just sitting there listening to hours upon hours of tapes. Fulton Recovery is so amazing and the bosses where you can stun all the guys to win were a lot of fun.

Fulton Recovery is a lot of fun, I have to admit that. I developed the Smoke Grenade strategy doing just what you described., capturing a gang of soldiers in one go.

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Peacewalker was a really well made PSP game - the first really great PSP game I actually played since I bought that system. It's a lot more over the top than any of the other Metal Gears in the series but that's what's so cool about it. You go inside a big robot brain and pull out ram chips!

I agree that climbing into a computer and just ripping stuff out was cool. I was pretty confused the first time I did it, but the second time I was like "I'm gonna get in there!" It gets a lot more taxing on repeated playthroughs because they always play the same dialogue and always tell you the same thing about what the chips mean and...

I guess I'm trying to say that it pops up a little too often.

Y'all be crazy. Waving this peacewalker fandom flag forever over here.

I am glad I saw Peace Walker, though. I didn't have a great as time as other people, but it has its moments.

This game is a lot more fun if you play through it with a friend. Especially the dumb as hell Monster Hunter bosses.

You know what's cooler than a walking nuclear battle tank? A walking nuclear battle tank that is somehow a dinosaur.

Yup, I heard about those. I wish they popped up sooner or were easier to find. If Peace Walker was more like that instead of some of the more boring missions, I could get more behind that.

I had also considered that the Zardanov missions would probably easier to swallow if you were just playing the game with a friend or just doing missions for the hell of it instead of trying to get to the last mission.

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I don't really have anything to add other than what's already been posted, but I love this topic.

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@lawgamer: I can understand that. Even with the tranq pistol, I tend to miss and get into all kinds of trouble. You could always not use it, or if they had to make a mechanical change, I would just make ammo for the tranq pistol super rare. Or only give you like 10 shots throughout the whole mission so you're not so reliant on it. And you have to make your shots count.

@sarumarine: Wolf went pretty fast for me. I got stumped on the Mantis fight though. I had totally forgotten how to start doing any damage to her. That, and a part where one of the people you have to follow in chapter 3 started freaking out and walking around in random directions.

Oh yeah? I'm pretty good at that part. It just takes awhile to follow him through the street. Really my worst enemy in that chapter is patience.

@thephantomstranger: That's fair. There are tons of options with The End. You could even use Claymores. Haha. Also, I watched a speedrun recently that did a pretty crazy strategy with the gas cigarettes. It really does a number on his status bar.

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@flstyle said:

I've been trying to word a blog on MGS2 for a while now. My mission is to precisely convey why MGS2 is a postmodern masterpiece missed by many, without coming off as an elitist, snobby, crazy dickhead.

I have mixed feelings on the fact that (as of yet) I've failed to successfully do it.

Godspeed, man, haha. I could probably see it though. It seems like there's enough commentary within the craziness to make a point like that.

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@kevin_cogneto: Yeah, I'm terrible at anything sniper related. The Crying Wolf fight in MGS4 is frustrating too. It takes like half-an-hour to find her. And she's got like twenty FROG soldiers running around needlessly complicating things.

I like all of them. And also, why the hell is Peacewalker getting the cold shoulder here?! Like I get that the PSP was a pain in the ass to play games on because the lack of a second stick ect but with the HD version out on PS3/Vita there should be NO reason to not play Peacewalker if you're interested in Metal Gear Solid V. Especially because MGS V basically is a bigger budget version of that base building mechanic and all just like in Peacewalker.

Its the underdog of the series and has some really great moments and characters.

Well, to be fair, Peacewalker doesn't have a number at the end of it, haha.

But seriously, I've been working my way up to Peacewalker. I hear it was geared more toward Monster Hunter because of its handheld nature. I didn't mean to snub it, but I hear it's pretty intergrated with where MGSV is headed. I'll get around to it eventually.

Hah. I've just refinished my first playthrough of MGS4 for the first time since 2008 this week. Oh man, you must have skipped so much shit. I was sloppily zipping my way through that game and my time clocked in at like 14 hours.(Scorpion) I enjoyed the game a bunch, but the one thing that I got out of it was that I now know that MGS2 is my all time favourite in the series.

That Big Boss bit at the end. It'd be completely soul-zapping if it wasn't so comically drawn out. I was surprised to relearn that the entire MGS saga is centered around a pun about zeroes and one's. Utterly stupid, but completely Metal Gear... shrug.

Oh, and I don't remember the cutscenes having so many framerate issues. There are parts where the slowdown is horrendous.

I was moving pretty fast, haha. My kills and alerts were pretty abysmal, and I was skipping nearly all of the cutscenes and mission briefings. MGS4 was probably the freshest one in my memory from the last time I played it. I think the things that took the most time were the boss battles. With Crying Wolf as the grandmother of all time sinks as she takes FOREVER to find and has a bunch of FROG soldiers running interference. What an annoying fight.

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@bbalpert: I've never seen the PAL box art of Mega Man. That's not bad.

But this topic is pretty interesting. I've never seen the flipside, and the examples so far have been pretty good. It's nice to know that some actual thought and design got through the laser focus of US businessmen trying to appeal to a target demographic.

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I wanted to start off by saying that yes, lox and cream cheese is delicious! Haha.

But I agree that sex as the endgame is poorly handled. In the context of a videogame there's always some kind of objective or payoff you're working toward. Sex as the payoff for managing relationships makes sense, but it's not like everything ends once you jump in the same bed/cot/sleeping bag. The Jack example is pretty great because of how her character operates. But I wish that the ultimate act of physical intimacy could play the part of continuing the relationship, rather than some finish line at the end of it.

I suppose making it something you have to constantly maintain would be more accurate, but maybe more annoying. While not romance per-se, GTA 4 comes to mind as you have to constantly hang out with your friends or their familiarity level starts dropping or they get frustrated with you. Of course this wasn't helped by the limited activities or voice clips with people calling you up, so maybe a larger volume of writing or stuff to do with characters would help that.

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@believer258: Yeah, there's something lacking about DKCR. At least for me. It's probably an okay, game, but I don't know. I think I miss the strong presence of quirky antagonists like the Kremlings or Snowmads. Those Tiki Masks didn't really do it for me.

@aidros: Yeah, that one was pretty tough first time around. For this playthrough, I actually died way more in Windy Well. Although most of that was because I forgot you could adjust your rate of ascent by using the directional pads. Toxic Tower wasn't so bad because I had gotten use to Rattly's super jump timing.