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To be fair, these should all be negative numbers. You don't actually gain anything from Mario Party. It should reflect accordingly, haha.

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EDIT: Oh man. Why is this in general discussion? I was totally posting in the Mario Kart 8 forum. If any mods could help move it, I'd appreciate it. Sorry about that.

I put some time into the new DLC feat. Animal Crossing as well as the new mode 200cc. While it's not quite F-Zero fast, it's pretty damn fast for the likes of Mario Kart. All my driving lines are totally fucked up now, haha, which means every course needs to be relearned with all the fasts running wild.

Probably the biggest discovery I made is that the brake button is relevant again. It actually serves a purpose as some turns are just too tight when you've got 200cc engine power. Another thing is that you might not want to trick off some jumps as it puts your speed and trajectory at a less than ideal angle for the next turn. It's really given Mario Kart 8 another way to look at things.

The flip side is that it's turned a lot of courses into different experiences when you're speeding along. I have some of my favorites listed below.

Baby Park

- I've always loved Baby Park for the chaos and madness for spending such a long time in such a tiny loop. Shells and bananas are everywhere, along with passing people in the back using stars and bullet bills. I'm never quite sure what I'm going to get with 7 laps of this stuff. 200cc only makes it better with the sheer speed as it's more like a big donut you're drifting around where you hardly have time to drive straight before you have to hit the next turn.

Excitebike Arena

- Excitebike Arena basically turns into mad jumps. A lot of tricks I used to hit the alternating ramps while I drive down the center doesn't work anymore now that you can skip over a few with the height you get from 200cc. Tricking off the various ramps gets you air too so you really don't spend that much time on the ground. This track was novel but always kind of ho-hum on the other difficulties even with the shuffling of track pieces. The speed of 200cc definitely helps.

Moo Moo Meadows

- I didn't originally care much for Moo Moo Meadows even on the Wii. It didn't really catch my eye and the background music I'm not a big fan of. But on 200cc you get to do some neat serpentine slides where the cows graze and depending on whether or not you hit the ramp right after it feels really fun to do the glider incline. Maybe the fact it's over pretty quickly with a clean lap helps too. But man is this one a lot of fun when you're going faster.

Water Park

- Water Park actually becomes a worthwhile track when you're going so fast. You can practically drift around the whole loop after going underwater. And the Wario Wheel at the end becomes a real obstacle as you fly so far with the ramp it's always a risk hitting one of the buckets unless you dive right afterwards. Again, it's one of those where the long straight aways where nothing is happening become a lot more interesting when you get through them faster.

I'm still working away at 200cc. A lot of the courses I found pretty hard on 150cc are harder still on 200cc. Like Shy Guy Falls and the Haunted Mansion. I'm looking forward to Bowser's Castle and Electrodrome though. And of course there are the F-Zero tracks but I felt maybe that would be too obvious. I haven't noticed whether or not the computer is any more vicious than 150cc. They do seem to eat it in the walls a lot more often than usual. But like I said, I have many more tracks to get around to.

Of course, feel free to give your thoughts on 200cc. I'm really digging it so far. It's given the game a very different feel. I kind of wonder why they never did it sooner.

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I'm super super happy they brought back Baby Park. That was my favorite clusterfuck from Double Dash and seeing it get new life in Mario Kart 8 with 200cc is just... it's a wild ride man. That's the kind of bullshit I can get behind, haha.

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Jeff's story of meeting the rabbit for the first time is one of my favorite Bombcast moments. Nice to see the rabbit make a return, haha.

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In a strange twist, Brett actually loves Yoshi's Island. Haha.

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I'm going to have to go with the Greedy Gala. I love casino themed stuff.

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Well, I managed to beat Rom today thanks to all the hot tips from GiantBomb at large. Thanks guys. Even some of the more strongly worded ones. I wasn't accommodating when I made this topic and I'm still really unhappy about the whole thing. I still fucking hate this boss, but he's dead now. Really strongly reconsidering playing through this game anytime soon due to this guy.

What a bastard. What a pile of garbage. I tried a bunch of things. I couldn't find a flamethrower but I did find the Tonitrus and put that to use after upgrading it as far as I could. I never do co-op on my first playthroughs on these kind of games so it was just me. Just me and a whole lot of deaths.

The strategy that worked was doing as much damage as I could on the first phase and then doing a hit-and-run when he starts casting magic. I got really lucky on the time that I won because Rom warped like a foot away where I could close the distance before he could use that death from above spell. Really, really, close call with his god damn spider buddies and the AOE blast but I poked him enough until he was no more. What an asshole.

Like every other boss up to this point had been a decent challenge without being aggrivating, and I think that's why I hate Rom so much.

Like FromSoftware does this every game. I don't know why I thought Bloodborne would be different, but they always put the hardest boss toward the middle of the game. It fucks up the pacing. If I get to the last boss in Bloodborne and he's not even close to Rom's test of decency, they'll have a four game streak. Like the Maneaters in Demon's Souls. Like Capra (or Ornstien and Smough) in Dark Souls. The only exception from Dark Souls 2 being Smelter Demon, so congrats to them for making that a legit challenge without mobbing the player I suppose.

If it gets any worse than Rom, I'll be super surprised. And so very angry again, haha.

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I don't believe this guy. This is unbelievable. I mean... I don't believe this. I feel like FromSoftware don't actually know how to make games. Or they don't know how to pace them at the very least. What the fuck is this fight? Why is the final boss located randomly in the middle of the game?

A boss with a veritable mob that all hit like trucks? Death from above magic attacks with random spray that can kill you in one blast if you're unlucky enough to get hit with three or more? AOE blasts that take 3/4ths of your life? Instant kill tantrum attacks? And he teleports. Not to mention it took me a day just to figure out you could jump into the lake without dying. I'm so salty that your reward for a leap of faith is this fucker.

This is probably the hardest Souls/Borne boss I have ever seen. Worse than Capra Demon. Worse than Bed of Chaos. No surprise at all it involves the absolute mess that is fighting more than one enemy at a time. I realize that FromSoftware will never develop a combat engine with group combat in mind. I accept that. But this is too much. It's like they remixed the giant spider fight from Dark Souls II and made it way, way worse. I have never missed a shield so damn much.

Obviously tips are appreciated, although my major concern is execution. It seems like the little bastard spiders don't respawn, which isn't a problem on the first wave. But as soon as Rom starts crapping blue death from the sky it just seems like a matter of time before I take an unlucky blast and get killed instantly. I just don't know how to get in on this guy. I feel like I just have to get lucky.

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200cc Class for Mario Kart 8 holy shit. It's not F-Zero fast, but some of those jumps and drifts looked pretty nuts. I hope the computer isn't stupid broken in that mode, but I found it pretty surprising.

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@theht said:

If you play as the twins on hard mode, the gun character gets the normal amount of ammo. They actually might be my favourite for just running like crazy through levels. Got the combo god achievement with them on their tower section (not on hard mode though).

I noticed that too! Which only makes them cooler in my eyes. It makes sense too. Since it only halves your ammo count if you're the one picking up the guns. Since your tag-along buddy in the Swan pair isn't you, they get normal ammo reserves. I guess they found it too punishing (or too hard to program) if your buddy gets half ammo in addition to being kind of hard to control.