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@NekuSakuraba: I can give a brief rundown from my playthrough if you'd like. basically you want to get the 10-15 faith points fast its a first come first serve bonus i think. there's 3 stages to religion, first is the pantheon, then the establishment and then an enhancement thing. first stage you get one bonus, every stage after 2. usually from the same list at least for the ones following the first. after you get to establish a baase pantheon you have to accumulate 200 faith points or more for the great prophet. at this point you can choose a religion/rename it. at this point civ is played as it usually is with the exception that every (starting at)200 faith points you can buy a missionary/inquisitor or wait for a prophet. Many of the bonuses are based on how many you can convert so, you need to keep on that. At some point around mid game if you've been converting as many as you can/upgrading your religion you unlock a great person as a buyable unit(i think it has to do with a culture unlock as well, having finished certain trees, i want to say tradtion,rationalism,commerce,honor) via faith points but like everything else with faith points price increases (great person increases by 500 point cost after buying them i believe, great prophets goes if i remember 1000,1200,1300, 1700,2000, etc.) anyhow it seemed to follow my playstyle and unlocked great engineers(id gone down tradition and chose a bonus which gave me +15% productivity on ancient/classical wonders) for me to buy later Merchants because i suppose id completed Mercantilism/passed a threshold. at least its what i noticed. spying is also just sending spies from a list to other places. you don't realy have to touch that since it does the rigging elections/notifying you of moving armies and steals tech automatically.

AI wise, they seem to be a lot more backstabbing in even prince difficulty, an example from my game is spain/washinton attacking me because i was busy finishing arabia. However Washinton instead went and attacked spains undefended capital forcing spain who would have taken my cities to retreat. Barbarians are a lot more common, they spawn a lot, i felt that you cant leave your capital alone too much even at the beginning because barbarians would screw you otherwise.

well thats all i can remember off the top of my head.

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just started Corellia consular is now amazingly more awesome.

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@dagas: act 1 dark side consular doesnt seem to make sense tbh.

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@altairre: from what ive played of the Sith inq it is ok

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@FateOfNever: I enjoyed it, think of the consular storyline as overall being a part of the Jedi's SIS(which in reality, and in lore is really what a jedi shadow is). It is true, that act 1 is a bit err, and it is the weakest of the three acts. In a lot of ways the JC, is a 'what if' Darth Vader of sorts in act 2/3 as. but i won't say any more. spoilers on exactly what i mean below. there are major spoilers.


As act 1 ends you are named warden of the order, (act 1 has a shit story if you go darkside because you just killed hundreds of Masters). At the beginning of Act 2 you are called to prove to the a bunch of seperatists that the Republic can stand up to any threat it faces. To do this, the Supreme chancellor confers with the council on who to send, and give you the master title so it looks more you know official.(this is how the act begins. You being conferred the title of Master basically by the chancellor.)


Act 2 ends on the note, the traitor amidst the rift alliance was a child of the emperor. To stand against the empire, as the republic has just been attacked on all fronts,(they go on to say only the rift alliance came out nearly unscathed and they barely protected the core worlds) your sent to tython to speak with the reconstructed noetikons. They tell you to gather an army, so you go from belsavis to voss and etc recruiting and facing down the children of the emperor.

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I'm in love with the Consular story to be honest. (currently on act 3. should be almost done.)

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doing everything at once, my guy is just a helpful on the side killing thieving machine.(well not all at once one guild at a time, but you get the idea.)

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let's be honest. the pro outweight the con, by a lot. even if you dont like transforming its better then being a vampire. also will help out if the room your going into is too strong. (also on a test save i went back to riverwood and killed nearly everyone in the town as one. the fear thing they can do to people is amazing i entered the inn in riverwood upon using that move everyone backed into the same corner. needless to saythey died quickly)

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135. werewolves are free from prosecution. as long as they don't die and no one sees them switch back.

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118. people aren't okay with picking your way into their homes, but once you do you can sleep right next to them.