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“I’d love to see more poontang getting into gaming but something is clearly putting them off”, said PussaaayMagnet25, a forum member. “You’d assume girls would be grateful that video games now feature many strong female characters with enormous breasts but, believe it or not, a lot of them still don’t seem that interested in our hobby. I guess it just demonstrates that women are basically crazy”.

Thoughts? Advice?

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My boyfriend got it done a few years ago and he thinks it is the best thing ever. He doesn't have to worry about the hassle of contacts or glasses anymore, and he doesn't have to worry about the cost of them either. A few thousand dollars actually saves money on broken glasses and new contacts in the long run.

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@OllyOxenFree said:

All I know about reddit is that they create the shitty "comics" that I loathe.

Thats only one section and you can use the filter to make it so you never see them ever. I do not like the larger subreddits but I do like the smaller ones. You can make a subreddit about pretty much anything you want so there is probably a subreddit that caters to your interests that has at least a few hundred subscribers.

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I just go on reddit and comment but sometimes everyone gets too excited and the red envelope gives me anxiety when I can't make it go away. And don't get me started on that smug little alien.

But other than that i check on the following (besides what op listed)

sometimes snafu for cool content.

extra ordinary

manly guys doing manly things

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This thread is asking to understand what a woman meant and to try and understand them. When women come in here, like me and others in this thread, all the men say we are beng crazy and dumb and completely invalidated everything we say.

"Women are not treated poorly by men, you're crazy"

Are you guys not seeing a pattern here? I really wanted to believe you guys were not serious, but I think you are and it is really depressing.

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Worms. They are majorly in the gross zone.

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@thedj93 said:

I respect females why are they so dumb?

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@Napalm said:

I feel I should make it clear for some reason that this is the same girl who suggested I should be oralizing her genitalia because I have a beard, and she likes beards. So you know, she's weird, and forward, and weird, and I don't. Like, she's weird, and she's not above petty bullshit.

This is all spiraling out of control very fast.

@sashimi_biscut: I have a better idea. Are you ready? Here it is.



I just want people to read this book. It's so cool.

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@thedj93 said:

@sashimi_biscut: is ur avatar a butt in a sniper scope? that's pretty funny.

Yes it is a butt in a sniper scope. It is Miranda Lawson's butt.

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@Napalm said:

@sashimi_biscut said:

Most of the time women do not throw around the term bigot for no reason. If you want to know what she meant i hope you do go over the things you said to her and take into consideration what I said.


I have an idea and it might require some time. However I have a lot of socially awkward guy friends who have a hard time relating to women. I've suggested a book to one of my guy friends in hopes that it would help him understand women, and BONUS it is totally for nerds like us. I hope you are into fantasy, because this book is fantasy as balls ovaries. It is called "The Bone Doll's Twin" and its all fantasy and warrior and killing people, but also about gender stuff. A lot of guys end up legitimately liking it. Basically it is a girl who was magiced up to appear as a boy from birth and she thinks she is a boy. SHe grows up in a world where women are all gender stereotyped and one day she will have to become a girl again but she doesn't know it.

Edit: I first found out about it because George RR Martin put it on his suggested reading list.