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@korwin said:

Nobody was wondering.

I was, so you can take your useless comment somewhere else!

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So I just started watching Metal Gear Scanlon, and watching Part 2 is just making me frustrated; not because of Drews play or anything, but because of the length of the Boss fight against Revolver Ocelot. The guy has a huge health bar that Drew whittled away very slowly. Sure they figured out the trick with the c4, but it got me thinking..

What are the most long-winded boss fights you can remember that had you repeating basically the same action (or a very repetitive set of actions) for the whole fight?

That Revolver Ocelot fight can be beaten in about 30 seconds, if he had used the run and shoot method. Its only long because he made it that way.

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got it on PS4, no problems for me.

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@dussck: Just finished the game for the first time, was playing on Hard, only died twice throughout the course of the game, both times due to shotgunners. The game seemed pretty easy.

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mgs4 also had 10 hours of gameplay and was engaging whether you decided to run and gun or sneak. but good for you, human eyes can't see more than 5 hours after all.

MGS 4 didnt have 10 hours of gameplay

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@swat200 said:

I really really wanted to like this game, But so far the puzzles are so obtuse that I don't know if I can keep going. I've had to look at a walk through 5 times already in the first 3 hours. Every time I read it I tend to shake my head and wonder how the hell I was suppose to know how to do any of that. I really wish they had added in some kind of mild hint system instead of being stuck in the dark all the time.

That being said the game looks great and the asetetic is clearly something unique and amazing. But, in the end this game has the same problem that a lot of things made by Tim Schafer do. All style and very little substance. Sad Day.

You go into an old school adventure game and expect it to be as brainless and simple as games tend to be by todays standards? That's not really the fault of the game, its the fault of players who cant be bothered thinking and expecting to have their hands held through everything.

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@erickmartins: Well, the dictionary says the word can be used that way because people commonly misuse it, but it's not a standard definition. The term is traditionally only applied to a person.

It's kind of like how the dictionary says "literally" can also mean "not literally". Technically true according to common usage, but people shouldn't use it that way.

Columbia Guide to Standard American English (1993) on obtuse/abstruse:

Obtuse in its literal sense means “blunt or dull,” and an obtuse angle is one of more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. The figurative sense of obtuse (which is almost always applied to people and their behavior) is “dull, imperceptive, unintelligent, unthinking”: How can he be so obtuse as not to understand us? Abstruse means “difficult to grasp or comprehend, needlessly complex, impossible to understand” and is applied typically to arguments, propositions, and the like: Her proposals were so abstruse as to be meaningless to us. Using obtuse as a rough synonym of abstruse is Nonstandard, and you should avoid it.

There's a difference between American English and English. Obtuse can mean both what you say, and what the OP says.

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Buying a game for the first time with my own hard earned cash. Commandos 2, money well spent. I say hard earned.....I saved up lunch money.

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@xeirus: I got me dat hot SSB action too! I got ZombieU with it aswell but, I dunno if that games good or not. I saw dodgy reviews for it yet people seem to like it.

I just got a Wii U for xmas myself, diving into a Nintendo platform for the first time since the N64! I will add you.