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@xeirus: I got me dat hot SSB action too! I got ZombieU with it aswell but, I dunno if that games good or not. I saw dodgy reviews for it yet people seem to like it.

I just got a Wii U for xmas myself, diving into a Nintendo platform for the first time since the N64! I will add you.


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@corevi said:

Get Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2.

I has Bayonetta 2! My main reason for acquiring the Wii U! Need to see about getting The Wonderful 101, I keep hearing people say its a good'n.

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Mine is SASnake

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So I finally took the plunge into buying a Wii U, I already own a PS4 and Xbone and wanted to complete the console collection so I can have access to games such as Mario Kart and Brawl etc. Only problem is this is pretty much by first big dive into a Nintendo home console in a loooong time so, I need friends duders! Anybody interested in adding a newbie my ID is SASnake. Looking forward to finally enjoying the Nintendo experience.

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@spraynardtatum said:

Cops are allowed to kill anyone they want and not even go to trial in this country so why shouldn't there be a game where that's the whole point?

Yeah! Its ok to slaughter hundreds and hundreds of cops in video games, but its not ok for it to be the other way round!

Anyhoo, I think the single player looks cool. You may all now commence crucifying me.

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Apparently hiring someone for the job that was needed isnt the way to go anymore. Its all about hiring someone who might not be the best for the job, but as long as they are a women or not straight, its all fine.

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Hopefully Part 2 will be good! Cause Part 1 suuuuuuuuuucked

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@psylockerules said:

How about skip next years game and work on it so its bug free?

or dont churn out a last gen version thats actually better?

Unity has been in development for 4 years, and the reason the last gen version is "better" is because its just a rehash of all the assets that were in it prior. Also no game is bug free.