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This is gonna go down a treat with the outside world!

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That looks like a lot of fun. It also looks hella Insomniac, which is definitely a good thing after Fuse(remember Fuse? Man that game was a bummer).

Not gonna lie, played through Fuse with 3 other friends start to finish and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. My problem with this game however, is that it seems the type of game that would get boring after an hour.

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@mason said:

Reading the reviews, there are criticisms that I can definitely look past. I can learn to appreciate the save system, learn to master the obtuse game systems through sheer persistence, etc.

The one thing that is keeping me from wanting to play is the prevailing criticism that once it appears the Alien rarely leaves your side for more than a few seconds. It seems its appearances become annoying and familiar which works against the tension.

The frequent encounters could also be the main reason the game is criticized for being overly long (20+ hours). Many reviewers point to having so much down-time, constantly hiding and waiting for it to go away

I feel like the core of the game is good and its only real issue is pacing. That one issue seems quite fixable. We could have a perfect horror game on our hands as long as the encounters are made more special by being spaced out, somehow. I'm no designer/programmer, so I'm sure there are other factors in game balance, but that seems like the obvious first step.

Anyone hear any rumblings about a mod community forming to "fix" the game's pacing? If so, I might see myself buying it.

The Alien does leave your side, if you make it.

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I think its sort of lazy that they keep putting like "Kill Warlords 0/5"

Only happens twice in the game, but whatever.

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@shindig said:

"Cor blimey, I've been captured by Iraqis, I have!"

No more Liquid, please. Its bad enough the game has him in the SAS but an SAS operative that got captured? Pffftt.

Guess you arent familiar with the whole Brave Two Zero thing then.

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Because its a videogame.

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Their Alien: Isolation game looks alright...

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@nardak said:

There must have been some bigger problems with the game if the release has been pushed back for almost a year.

The game will probably turn out to be fine since its rocksteady and there are plenty of other games coming between now and then to tide us over.

Game dates are usually placeholders at this stage, that is why alot of games are "delayed"

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People complain about the most stupid things these days, the world is turning sensitive. Soon people won't even be able to say the word "bra" without someone crying.

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@andheez said:

How bad is the new commercial? You think Bungie is regretting this Sony partnership? Doesn't shock me when as much when Tomb Raider decides to partner/advertise with Microsoft when I see stuff that cheesy and uninformative. Ever since Gears of War Ive thought Microsoft has done a better job of getting me excited for a game, but this is a new low even for Sony. Thoughts?

What does this trailer have to do with Sony? There is no Sony or Microsoft branding on this trailer why Sony? This trailer was also posted on the Xbox facebook page at the same time as Sony's facebook page....also, its just a trailer..why are people crying this much over a trailer?