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Titan, because punching dudes.

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@sasnake: Yeah but Blume literally had a pamphlet confirming their existance in AC4 and the announcement that "that was just an easter egg" and "ac and watchdogs do not share a universe" came after that.

Out of curiosity which mission is that? I haven't done all the sidequests yet

It is theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, last Criminal Convoy I believe.

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Other than Ubi explicitly saying the two universes aren't connected a few months back my biggest problem with all of this is that the two universes don't really overlap logically. If Blume really had the ability to create something as powerful as CtOS then Abstergo would have had a finger in it's inception (seeing as they secretly own basically everything worth owning at this stage), also something this big would definitely have been picked up by Assassins at some point, sure wasn't Bill Miles in Chicago for a while in between AC2 and Revelations? It just feels like one of those "why do the Avengers never show up in the smaller movies" problems, if something as big as CtOS was going down both of the globe spanning super spy factions in the AC universe would have been more directly involved.

Unless it turns out T-Bone is an assasssin, in which case I'm All for that.

......and that you have to kill a character from Ass Creed 4's present day story in a Watch Dogs mission, but whatever.

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Racism, because a game set in the Himalayas shouldnt have people in it that look like they are from the Himalayas. Like Resident Evil 5, there shouldnt be any Africans in Africa.

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@bocam said:

Why are people bothered by snark? I honestly don't understand what this is such a big deal to people. It's not like their opinions invalidate yours at all.

Its because the Giantbomb community then start to follow every word they said because there is this weird Hive mind mentality on this site.

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Looks slow, he cant even punch when guys get too close, and that framerate at certain points...uugh.

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This thread just brought out the Giantbomb hive mind in full force.

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More Halo, pass.

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@nezza said:

This is my biggest problem with soundtrack in a nutshell. It makes popping out the car for 2 seconds to check-in or use an ATM really unsatisfying. GTA and other open world games have managed to have the music play continuously for years, so it is pretty amazing that this can't manage it.

It is the little touches like this that prevent me from getting really immersed into their game world.

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"... the fact he's always jumping to the beginning of a new song just makes for a world that seems as if it couldn't care less about flow, flavor or context in regards to music."

Or you can just select a song when you arent in a car, by using the dpad, and the music constantly plays, in or out of a car.

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@heyguys said:

That is ridiculous. Watch Dogs is definitely not a perfect game, but I'm actually having a lot of fun with it. All this hate has gone way overboard.

Its the Giantbomb Hive mind in motion.