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No "Winter is coming in winter" joke yet? How has this travesty been allowed to occur :P

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@legion_: I don't exactly lift weights so much, but I'm transitioning from just running (10k/half marathon/marathons) to triathalons and hopefully one day a half ironman or full ironman. Maybe I can just link my Strava progress with you guys? Or if you have a specific program you'll be posting maybe i can try to incorporate it as well. Either way, its a great idea and more exercise is always appreciated!

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Good news for these guys, I'm sure it was tough for them to not get bought and saved during the previous sell-off.

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Hey everyone, I just saw this thread and wanted to contribute! As of now I have keys for DOTA2, so hit me up with a steam username PM and I'll send one your way.

UPDATE: I have 2 keys remaining, so get crackin!

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I bought it for about $10 bucks a little earlier in the year (Spec Ops that is) and have been thoroughly surprised by how much I have enjoyed it. I'm 2 chapters from the end (hope to actually finish it today/tomorrow) but it has definitely been worth it for me. A great surprise for this year.

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So all that we've learned from the Wii U launch is that Nintendo makes bangin' menu soundtracks??

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I'm definitely buying this on PC, but I have a backlog of about 1 bazillion games, so I'm gonna wait until the inevitable steam holiday sale to pick up this, Borderlands 2, and maybe Darksiders 2 if I beat the first one by then.

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Mine was Psychonauts if you don't include the Orange Box that started it all. Actually, I had HL2 way before the Orange Box, but didn't realize you could gift extra copies so I gave my old steam account to a friend and started a new one with the Orange Box. Owell, I think after more than 140 games its a bit too late to trade accounts back :P

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@Elazul said:

I think all of the 2D Castlevania games are pretty damn amazing. I can discount the 3D ones, right?

Mine is definitely Casltvania as well, but why hate on the 3D ones? I actually really liked Lament of Innocence, Curse of Darkness and had enough fun with Castlevania 64/Legacy of Darkness (yeah I bought both). Plus Lords of Shadow was great! Maybe I'm just a bit of a fanboy though :P

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Team Fortress 2 (this and Guild Wars were some of the best times playing games with friends, but I prefer the non-grind style of this better)

Call of Duty (yes 1, its the only game I've ever beaten, then gone back and completed on the hardest difficulty)

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (just barely beating out Ocarina of Time, Baldur's Gate 1, and Diablo 1)

Honorable Mentions:

Previously mentioned games, Dota 2, Rogue Galaxy, Silent Hill 2, Uncharted 2 (lots of 2's it seems, must be the sequel sweet spot :P)