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It's hard and sad to read this thread and see how it looks completely abandoned. No real answers from any mod or developer or anything.

I feel like I should still post anyway my request, even though I have no idea how much attention it would be given.

I was reading through the /api/promos/ output and it lists some of the podcasts that aren't on the bombcast rss feed. Understandably, sure. There should probably be another feed for ones that aren't "bombcasts".

However I noticed that their resource type is "podcast". That is when I saw that there is no "podcast" resource type on the API. I mean, no /api/podcasts/ or /api/podcast/id/. I don't understand why there isn't one. It looks like there should be one. So that's my request. A new API resource type that covers those podcasts.

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Alright, digging up a bit I noticed the windows 7 mixer does volume separately for each app running, as it turns out the volume of Winamp was on half here. Still, I ran some tests on the mp3 to check the volume, and its volume is still below average.
This is an open-source mp3 analyzer/normalizer for the volume.
I had it to analyze the Giantbomb's Bombcast's volume and then a normal song volume and then the Gamespot's Hotspot's volume. Here are the results.

And even though the difference is not that big there, like I said on the first post is still true. It's much easier to turn a volume down, than to make it go above the limit. I've tried to listen to this podcast in a bus in a big city (using headphones) and I couldn't understand it. I'd much rather have to turn the volume down because it is too loud instead.

@beej I believe it's more the onboard sound card's fault. These headphones work great on the DS. Maybe modern sound cards are lower on porpoise? I don't know, because this PC is really new.

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What are you talking about? Did you even look at that screenshot? It is 1/20th of the max volume on the PC, windows sounds are about 10 times louder than the podcast with all those boosts turned on. And it wasn't in just one PC, I've had this problem in multiple computers plus on the DS's Moonshell, which I then use 150% of the volume to make it sound reasonable on headphones.

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I am unsure if this is the best place to ask for this but here we go.

I always listen to the podcast and since the first one I believe I requested in its comments to make it louder because the sound really is too low. I'm now at my parent's place and just listened to the latest one and the sound was so incredibly low I could not hear it at all sometimes (using headphones).

I know that I don't see a lot of people complaining about it too, but here, take this as proof, I just adjusted Winamp's equalizer to boost everything possible, +12db in the main tune too, and it still was too low, in this screenshot I show that even like that, the windows mixer would show it as very low sound (the green bar there is a volume sensor), it's not a particular part of the podcast that is low, throughout it all it is that low.

Please, make it louder, it's very easy to tune down the volume on players, but it's practically impossible to make it go louder than I tried on this screenshot.

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I just created another topic about John, I closed it, I'm not sure yet how to delete topics, but I deleted my post, I hope that's enough for it to go away, I'm sorry for the trouble.
Indeed John is awesome.

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I don't know how many of you watched the finals, but here's a part that I felt like I had to upload and share with the world.
John is the best.   

The fanart he mentions in the video is this one:
and this is what was done after what John said: 
Edit: I just saw this on the GSLs2 Finals topic, I'm sorry for the doublepost, I tried to delete this topic but I couldn't, turns out I don't know how to do it.
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I don't like Firefox because it is almost twice as heavy as Opera on my PC. It takes sometimes up to 2 seconds just to open a new tab; and also it makes the videos on the GiantBomb's website frameskip, because its (Firefox's) rendering is really really slow compared to Opera's.

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I often use Opera's content block to block ads, it works pretty much like Adblock on Firefox, but you have to point out what you want blocked. The point is, I only don't like those ads when they're too heavy (i.e. some flash ads with flv videos in it) or every bleeping where (as in some less moral websites do).

My point is, I block google's non-text ads, and for the Giantbomb's website I wish I didn't, but removing them here, removes them from everywhere else. Anyone knows a way to fix this?

Also, if someone can tell me to post this elsewhere where I'd get a better answer I'd be glad. Thanks and bye!

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@catpowerd said:
@Bigandtasty said:
" yet you recognize the design of the shirt eh "
Busted! "
@Sata said:
" Cool shirt, bro. "
I said it was cool!
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We all know you're a narutard. And now there is proof:

Actually, maybe you said it before already, but I never really got myself around it. Cool shirt, bro.
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