monster hunting rants

no seriously, I don't get all the hype around Monster Hunter 
I watched my friend play, they seems to enjoy the game and having a good time 
70% of the time involves boss loot not having what they came for so they have to grind it again, though.
but all I see is clunky controls and ridiculousness
when you run you consume your energy bar, but it's consumption is so quick that you wonder how the F these guys can carry those massive ass claymore/axe/cannons in the first place;
and speaking of weapons, once you start swinging your sword you can't change direction of all successive hits;
whenever you drink potion you do a ridiculous flex which only serves as a fat chance for the monster to bite one in your ass;
you need to watch learn and remember which zone the monster will escape to when they got hurt badly, only problem is that most of the time they fly high up in the sky randomly throwing fireball at you and taunting "lol you huntard bring a knife to a fireball fight" 
I better just head to Jurassic Park instead :(


Checkpoint sucks

I notice the FPS I play in the last few years all happen to have this problem
there are countless times I have to do things all over again
just because I died before I got a checkpoint

Fighting your way out of Makarov's safe house is one example,
so does that Tayari Plaza with a pair of hunters
and the pillar of friggin autumn on Legendary
and the napalm barrel part on SOG, Black Ops
this problem get even more nasty with the two cods thanks to the unlimited enemy spawn
the ways to get over it are neither rush pass enemies for a checkpoint(halos)
nor cower under cover hoping somehow the system grants you a checkpoint(cods)
and this takes away all the fun out of the game



Revoltech is a line of action figures from Kaiyodo with new items every month ranging from anime mechs to movie monsters
this month they got the 2 guys from Toy Story.
no, I'm not referring to that woody's and his trollface floating around 4chan now
I mean the Buzz Lightyear

somehow this face reminds me of Jeff...

dude, this sushi restaurant's creativity is over nine thousand

there's a particularly infamous sushi restaurant in Shum Shui Po, Kowloon
and here's part of what they have in store for customers...enjoy :)
French fries sushi

the culture of  Belgian and Japan finally merge together!
Abalone slice sushi
you think this is egg? no
fried capelin sushi
 somehow this restaurant loves fried stuffs
 fried scallop sushi
  smoked duck chest meat sushi
they claim, on the menu, that this thing is smoked...


 corn sushi
I'm starting to believe that you can actually put popcorns on top a brick of rice and call it a popcorn sushi...
"red bean" sushi
you think corn sushi is bad? this thing isn't even remotely red!

a multiplayer game mode idea

something I think of after I saw those Hong Kong cop/triad flicks
each map MUST have lots of buildings, alleys and NPCs
one or two of the NPCs spawn as "witness"
for a certain times(depends on how many players) when a "witness" get killed or extorted, a random NPC is picked and turn into "withness"
there're 2 teams:
the police, and the triad, and one of the triad player spawn as a triad boss
as police, the goal is kill the triad boss, or the whole triad crew if you can
BUT, you can't just rush in and go gun blazing(BUREAUCRACYS:) )
-you contact and bring the witness to safehouse for warrants to take down the whole gang
-a certain triad member attack you first, but you're restricted to attack that triad member only
-a certain triad member attack/extort NPCs in front of you, but again, you can only attack that certain triad member
*once the police have the warrants, or 1/3 of the police got killed, all police respawn(reinforce) as SWAT
SWAT still restricted by the rules above, but they got better armor and weapons

as a triad, the goal is to keep the boss alive for until times up, or there's no witness left.
each triad member can upgrade his/her weapons freely, as long as they have the money
and the money normally comes from:
-extorting NPCs (something like holding down  "use" key near a NPC for 15 or 20 seconds)
-kill/extort  a witness(extort make more money)
and if they got spotted by police when doing these, they only got 50% of the money, and they'll be hunted by the police
the triad boss mentioned above is basically the same as other members
with these additional rules:
-if the boss is shot dead by police, the triad team lose
-if the boss somehow killed himself, a random triad player is picked and "promoted" as boss
-the boss generates money over time, he can choose to share the money with other members
-or use the money to recruit new blood(revive a dead member)


so I ordered a McNugget...

and I got a pack of this weird ass sauce 

the packing said it's "Thai Green Lime Flavoured Chili Sauce"
.....looks more like radioactive alien jelly or those spitter goo
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