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damnit now I want a DLC that lets you take down golden path alongside with Pagan

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it's more like freedom fighters/republic command with some elements from monster hunter and lost planets
if you plan to ignore the whole AI teammate command system and your huge selection of firearms, you're gonna be very frustrated with the game later when they introduce humanoid enemies

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Analogue: a hate story and Hate Plus
I get confused a lot with the bunch of characters and their similar sounding names so at some point I just jog it down on a paper or something

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in short, ubisoft decided to push watchdogs' release in south east asia back to 27th June to wait for Chinese/Japanese localisation.
then for some reason ubisoft assumed everyone in south east asia, including me, who preordered the game on steam wants that localisation and have everyone's copy locked until 27th June.

but the point is I don't need the localisation: I can read English just fine, and seeing Chinese text in a game set in murica kinda takes away the immersion(god I never thought I would use this word).

so like the title says, does this still makes me a pirate scumbag if I pirate a game I brought because I don't want to wait a whole month for a localisation I don't need?

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I was wondering how come Sega just shove the game up shelf without any promotion and where's the keyboard
this article answered them both, thanks Patrick :D

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The scale on how US is weaken by that satellite missile strike is very inconsistent.

One time you're like "this wall is our last line of defense, we're out numbered, we're so broke we can't mount a machinegun on your jeep.".

Then 2~3 mission later you can magically sneak into the enemy capitol city, kidnap some scientist dude, blow up the skyscraper, then proceed to destroy some battleship, an oilrig, then send a spaceship full of space marines(no, really) to hijack that satellite missile thing and mount a fullscale invasion/assault against south america with tanks and chopper and aircraft carrier, WTH?

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@cabbages said:

If you can get any cod fan to properly try battlefield they will discover how much better battlefield is. Problem is most of them won't give it a go. Every die hard cod fan that I have got to try battlefield has now become a battlefield fan.

not everyone's into vehicle combat or launching game from a web browser, or maybe it's downright hatred for EA or something, I don't know :/

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did I missed something, like I have to finish off the campaign or fire up multiplayer once, or the extinction mode really only have 1 map?

also dropping soldiers on foot and only arm them with a drill and pistol sounds like a decent plan to take on an alien infestation

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nope. I'm still getting the usual "I shot him twice then died and deathcam says I'm standing there doing jack shit" thing

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@dagbiker said:

What if you could translate it to...

Space is very big, and help is very far.

nah, those Chinese words combined together only mean that particular proverb

whatever and however you interpret it, it still means "we are far away from government/authority (so we can do whatever we want)" metaphorically

trust me duder, I speak cantonese :D