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I personally think Final Fantasy XIV: All Our Yens Edition siphons so much of their money, that everything has to be monster hits just to make up the amount spent on that tired ass franchise.

Fixed. That was the topper on a shitshow clown college that SE had sank to since 2000.

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Again with the messaging shit.

If someone was asking to stick their dick in your eye, it doesn't matter if they say "please" while doing so. It is rude and a raw deal for you. This is SETTLED.

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$500 ain't the crime. It's that $50+ of that is for the Kinect Trojan Horse Edition.

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We still have no idea what Rare is up to,

Shambling about in an endless search for Avatar ideas and braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains?

And if you're wondering about upcoming handheld games and you're not looking towards Japan, you're doing it very, very wrong.

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The thing that gets me about that Shadow Warrior deal is similar to the Syndicate and OG Xcom reboots: Why the fuck are you bothering with an IP if you're not working it's memory or shouldn't? This fucking industry, I swear.

Also, fuck yeah, Mr. Gimmick!

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It happens early, but late enough that players have spent hours and hours with the game. In a moment, it’s all gone. There’s no checkpoint. Most games are designed to ensure the player, if found to be putting in a reasonable effort, will be victorious. Games are, largely, not about failure anymore. There is no winner in EVE Online, at least not a permanent one, and many players are happy to squash you under a virtual boot--the whole reason Something Awful’s GoonSwarm alliance exists is to ruin everyone's time. It’s an experience that asks you to totally forget the concept of a backlog and submit.

There was a point around 2007/8 where the game design environs, especially in the MMO genre where the noble goal of ensuring no one is completely screwed and can be guarenteed to acquire a Success State deevolved into a guarentee of not seeing a Failure State.

From that point on, it has led to various things once reguarded as basic expectations: the risk of setback, the coming up short on a goal of doing/acquiring something while it's still fresh, or the upgrading of one's experience and prowess in-game, are now seen as anaethemas, horrible slights to the sanctity of the player.

No longer is it about "Equality of Opportunity" but "Equality of Outcome". In this viewpoint (both from developer and players who follow this creed) all gameplay and socialization leading to that Outcome is seen as a grind, boring and tedious, but inherently better than the Opportunity, as that carries a risk of Failure State. And since that gameplay and socializtion is a grind, when its lessoned and/or marginalized, it is inherently a Good Thing.

People complain about apathy, ennui, and boredom in MMOs, but few realize this is the main source of that emotional entropy, and fewer still that do realize are ready to take back the mantle of player agency, player responsibility, and player restriction necessary to curtail it. The genie is out of the bottle.

Thank god CCP makes an MMO that flips off this wasting disease of the genre, even if I don't find the gameplay or aesthetics to my liking. Keep up the good fight.

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As what it means to be a "game" splinters, are we forming regrettable cliques?

This has been the case as long as there have been genres and multiple systems (Dah 70s), but what the tree he dives for in that forest is one of an aging understanding of that clique effect, using the concept of cliques itself to make advantages and attention instead of making use of them.

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Nice article with a good point. They could be cautious or waiting for failure to occur, we'll have to see.

And if there's one thing I've learned about N, is that they're either way ahead or way behind the curve. We'll just have to see how it shakes out.

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Don't be a stranger. Your dulcet tone, erudite gaming tastes, and perfectly chosen non-sequitors were a huge boon to the site, month in, month out.

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2) I'm not going to pretend I have inside information on how one company or another does business, because I most certainly do not. I do know that when a multinational corporation is having tough times, it's often easier for those at home to blame those who aren't there, versus those that are sitting right in front of them. Maybe the blame is being assigned properly, and maybe it's just some epic-level buck-passing. Again, I really don't know, but I have my own theories.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the secret company described here is indeed Squeenix! The entirety of Eidos is one giant Sakaguchi/Matsuno!

And what's on the horizon? Killzone? Tearaway?

Looking outside of Japan is mistake. It's been proven time and time again that handheld development is strongest in Japan! Now then, for the Vita we look overseas to...and...oh.