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Because Nintendo would rather make 6 million New Super Mario Bros. games than actually bring back old franchises that haven't been driven into the ground. I would love another proper Metroid game (2d or 3d would be fine) or a new Star Fox game.

They've only made four New Super Mario games in the span of eight years. I don't see how they're really driving the franchise into the ground, comparatively speaking.

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Nintendo is sure to have more games for 2014, and I'm already liking the line-up so far. It's gonna be a good year for my Wii U. Honestly I have zero interest in the other consoles, it's basically just been Wii U / PC for me.

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Not that it's going to matter because there's going to be a bunch of AI controlled bots in every single match of it you play because that's what we all want in our online shooters

I think the "bots" are going to be incorporated differently than what people seem to be thinking when it comes to traditional bots in FPS games. Titanfall may end up with the AI units serving a role similar to the creeps in League of Legends and other MOBA games, while the players are the "Champions".

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The Xbox One definitely has a stronger launch line-up than the PS4, a turn of events that I find quite surprising.

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This is the only console game I'm remotely interested in, I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Until there are actually some games to play on it, I'm pretty happy with my PC / Wii U. I'll probably have one eventually though.

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@royalewifcheese said:

Live in the suburbs, like in the east bay. Places like San Leandro, Fremont, or even Hayward are decent choices. They're just over the bay from SF and a whole hell of a lot cheaper. Though, that isn't really saying much.

I've done some research of my own, and most of the information I've found (including the suggestions made in this thread) seem to point to the San Leandro / Hayward / Union City area being our best bet.

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@mb: I don't think we can afford more than $2400 a month in rent, if all five of us work low wage jobs part time. Most of us are looking to go to school on the side, while my Fiancee is probably going to work full time (she has lots of management experience and a better resume than the rest of us).

We're all in our early 20's, none of us know what we want in life right now and my two roommates feel like it will be some kind of adventure, while I'm just trying to be closer to my Father / family. We all live in a partially rural area in central NC, and very few people that live here have the same interests or mindset as us. My mothers side here in NC no longer associates with me because I'm an agnostic / atheist and bisexual (as is my Fiancee and one of my roommates). If my best friends were to move out there, I would have nothing left in NC so I see no reason as to why I shouldn't come with them.

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@jking47: Thanks for the response! We all work relatively low wage jobs, mostly minimum wage or slightly above. There are going to be five of us total (Me, my fiancee, and 3 roommates) probably working part-time jobs and going to school. My Fiancee and I have done some rudimentary research and San Leandro has somewhat reasonable prices (my family tells me to avoid Oakland at all costs). Do you know if San Leandro is nice or not?

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@animasta: Yeah, I'm aware of that. We don't expect to be living directly in SF, but we'd like to be close.