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I haven't actually played the game but isn't it all a story told by a (badly voice acted) grandpa to a child? Because that makes all the sex scenes make even less sense.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ..... I just peed a little.

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Good on you Patrick. What is the point of going into a suicide mission if you know exactly what decisions to make from a strategy guide. What is the point of any of your decisions made in the ME universe if your just going to load a save back up when things don't go your way.

I lost Legion and Zaeed Massani. It turned out to pay off quite a bit with the Geth story line in ME3. I'm not really spoiling anything but I kept talking to a representation of Legion, (Hologram is what the game called it.) but the Geth just kept saying. "We are not Legion." A lot of subtext in our conversations that just implied, "He's dead and gone forever." Ha Ha. Finally my Shep just said. "Well you are today!" When I was sick of his crap.

The point is making bad decisions is fun in a ME universe. It's what adds to the world. Those highs and lows emotionally pulls you in even deeper making up your own ME story. Thanks for reflecting that Patrick.

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of course he looks like that. lmao.


When did Gimli pick up an arcade stick anyways?