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I live ten minutes away, boosh.  

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@Captainlunchbox: I concur!
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Here is another question:

is it possible to pull the saved replay vids off a 360 and play them on a computer or a different 360? I know it's a very general question but I looked on dustloop and could not find anything specific. Thanks.

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thanks. too bad, although no complaints about the superb online mode. best implementation in a fighting game yet!

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Jin and Noel are the most accessible characters for people playing for the first time, which is everyone in america. I would say Ragna is a close second, people get stoked about his health draining ability. I feel this game is as balanced as SF4, possibly more.
I main Tager, sub Noel.

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Does anyone know if I can include a guest (2nd player at my place) to play online with in player matches? Normally I would just trade off with him but I use a stick and he uses a pad. Any help is appreciated.

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@rerty: At least the strategy and combo sections are done by real players.
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Iron Tager is incredibly similar to Potemkin. He's like a Potemkin dipped in awesome.

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Found it. He upped them in a blog post. This thread can still be used for combos and strategies in addition to the DVD.

For instance, great combo for mixup on jump-in players:

2D, 6A, 5A, 6C

while not always a "true" combo, I've connected every hit against human players. They'll think twice before jumping in again.

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