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They acted very much how they should have in the situation they were in. They are not regular police and their tactics are very different. They were addressing a threat, and they were NOT that bad. For about 60 seconds the guy was somewhat roughly handled. After that he was just questioned.

You're right, they're not regular police, they're SWAT. They're members of an elite unit of highly-trained officers that, supposedly, should be ready for extraordinary and risky situations, and also supposedly passed psychological tests during the selection process. I would hold their conduct to a much higher standard than regular police, even considering the difference in tactics.

Yeah, they didn't punch him, they didn't tase him, they didn't blow up the building, but they certainly did not seem calm, orderly or disciplined, which is the best way to respond to any dangerous situation last I checked. If this is how they deal with a passive dude at a computer, I wonder what would happen if he had a gun and hostages?

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Feel super bad for the cops here. They get called in, go through the stress of walking into an unknown situation, react the best they can while keeping as many people safe as possible, and still get shit on for doing their job. When a cop gets a call about a shooting that is happening, would y'all rather he walks up and knocks on the door politely and asks of someone is getting murdered? These dudes walk willingly into a potential firefight for us and all we do is bitch about it. Come on guys.

I don't think it's unreasonable to expect people who are supposed to be experts at handling these situations to remain calm and do what is necessary, rather than flipping out on someone who is already 100% compliant the moment they enter the room (and then continuing to disrespect him when he's already cuffed and kneeling on the ground). There is a middle ground between "knocking on the door politely" and getting over-the-top aggro like these guys.

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So SWAT cops are about as shitty and megalomaniacal as the average patrol cop, good to know.

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I would donate but I'm pretty sure he makes more money than I do, and I still have a lot to spend on textbooks.

Psssst, Dan, if you're reading this...get an Android phone next time.

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I'm maining Exeggcute, going to focus on my corner game.

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Granted, the US box takes full and blatant advantage of The Ring having come out the year before, and also does the "inverted cross as a t" thing for no good reason. But the Japanese box goes right past understated and lands in dull territory.

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@saturdaynightspecials: @dan_citi: Hey, guys? You can be a strong character and physically attractive at the same time. That is not a scandalous notion.

Hey guys? You can be a strong character and not particularly physically attractive at the same time. That is not a scandalous notion.

Also, you can be physically attractive but not wear dumb clothes that don't obey the laws of physics, just because they look sexier for the audience.

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It's not the outfits themselves that are the problem. It's what they say about Nintendo's attitude towards the character, when you read between the lines a little. With basically infinite examples of other characters in video games, even within Smash Bros, that mainly function as eye candy, was it really necessary for Samus to become just another one of them? Would it have ruined Smash Bros or Metroid, or the character of Samus for that matter, if she hadn't?

Obviously they have good reasons to do it, but I kinda thought Nintendo could afford not to, for dignity's sake. Maybe they don't see any further value in the Metroid property that warrants its protection?

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So the ESRB plays games now, or.