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I assume you're referring to the Sweden Democrats?

A chart of opinion polls on Swedish political parties from Wikipedia:

Sweden Democrats are the yellow line. Looks like they're gaining popularity, but are still well below the two dominant parties. It's going to take a bigger upswell than that to overthrow two entrenched parties, I imagine.

Of course, a parliamentary system is different from what we have in the US, but not so different that these guys have any real shot at controlling the country. Influencing things in a bad way, yes, but Nazi Germany, no.,_2014

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Cabela's knock-off, I bet.

They should have made a tycoon sim that has nothing to do with their duck call business or whatever, and instead you focus on the Duck Dynasty brand. Licensing, merchandising, contract negotiations, sponsorships, PR damage control, etc. Eventually you would launch a Duck Dynasty game console running DuckOS, and recursively make the Duck Dynasty video game in the Duck Dynasty video game.

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Rename: Tunnel boring machine -> Tunnel Boring Machine + Alias: Tunneling Machine

Rename: Lead Pencil -> Mechanical Pencil + Alias: Lead Pencil

(That one is for clarity, because wooden pencils also have "lead" in them. I've actually never heard the phrase "lead pencil". Probably a regional thing.)

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It made me want to slap all of the voice actors. So yeah, it probably resonated with their target demo.

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Whatever you do, make sure it says "Character-specific".

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I kinda think he would like One Piece. Early on anyway. It has grand-scale insane action scenes but is also whimsical and very non-serious about itself. And it doesn't have schoolgirls or shitty romance.

Cowboy Bebop is just a really good TV show, unqualified. You could easily watch that and 99 other highly-rated anime, and hate everything else you saw.

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"The more you know, the more you Kohl's."

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@hadoken101 said:

I always thought it was 'honk' without the 'h'


The ancient Egyptians didn't write vowels, anyway, so we aren't 100% sure how they pronounced anything.

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No. I like that it's a bit different from the average Anime Cool Guy, but that's only because it goes further in the slim, Byronic metrosexual direction. I'd like to see a protagonist who is more of a Kanji or even Yosuke type (or even better, a default female protagonist).