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Babadook. Missed it last season.

Any Asian horror movies recently that don't completely suck? I've been watching these mini-stories that were on Japanese TV ages ago, they're pretty good.

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I have bad news: she still doesn't exist.

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It doesn't really matter how many people played the original game. Any product on the market that (a) has a heroic talking animal in it, or (b) evokes Zelda in some fashion, will draw strong interest (and by extension, enthusiastic support) from all over the internet. With any luck, it will be one of the top-rated games in the Wii U shop about 3 days after launch.

I think it's a sharp move by Nordic, actually.

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First thing you should do - if you haven't already - is post here and ask whether this game warrants its own wiki page.

Mods that require a separate game to play, even total conversions, can be iffy. I don't know the latest staff opinion on the issue, so it's best to ask.

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There's very little video games do with music that they didn't learn from movies. The only significant divergence is with music the player makes (like in Ocarina of Time), or music used to guide the player somehow.

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There are so few good TV sites, it's weird. TVRage has a decent sortable database for shows, but it's very sketch and has no real system for quick and visible user ratings (only text reviews). IMDB has star ratings and a community, but is not a good discovery tool. You also can't be sure that more obscure shows are even listed properly on IMDB, or have accurate episode guides/lists.

If there was a site with a reasonably comprehensive list of series (only original content, no award shows or other fluff specials, no sports shows, no rebranded or dubbed-over versions of the same show), and just the simplest user rating system and search filters, I would use it a lot. It couldn't be impossible to build.

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Legend of the River King 2. Originally a GBC game but you can get it on the eShop.

It's like Pokemon Red/Blue, except instead of the Pokemon it has hardcore fishing action. It also teaches kids to respect their elders, probably. It's very idyllic-rural-Japan.

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Ah yes. It was early autumn of 1972 when I first felt at one with a traversal mechanic. I was in Bruges, naturally.

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I read "scarfice" as "scarface"

I would be very excited about any game where "scarface" is a verb. Wu Tang license preferred but not required.