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I wouldn't say "turned against" but Guardians did humor, character, and catharthis better than Avengers and Winter Soldier did action, intrigue, and story better. The lesson if anything is Marvel movies by and large seem to be getting better. Not a bad thing.

Winter Soldier did more story and intrigue, but it was not all that successful at them. It felt like they welded a hackneyed political thriller onto a solid superhero movie.

I'd say Iron Man 3 is the high water mark for plots in Marvel movies (though I have not seen Guardians).

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Halloween is in 9 days.

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Maybe they could hire that programmer that was emailing them on the podcast.

Don't join the game industry and be abused! At Giant Bomb, 60-hour work weeks are very infrequent!

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Okay, in all seriousness this guy probably needs to see a psychiatrist (not for "immaturity" but for actual psychiatric issues beyond his control), but a) his apology was totally satisfactory and a lot more than you would have gotten out of Phil Fish or [insert other primadonna indie developer] b) Paranautical Activity is a hell of a game and I'm sad to see it get the bulk of its publicity from one developer's rage issues, which were probably magnified exponentially by Twitter being involved.

Takeaway: Twitter sucks shit forever. Buy Paranautical Activity when/if it comes back to Steam.

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The Thing.

I know you meant Ridley Scott, but I feel that The Thing is more successful than Alien at realizing a similar premise.

Strictly comparing Alien to Aliens, I think I like Alien more. I would have to rewatch Aliens to say for sure though.

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Twitter is great because it brings together the reflexive, disposable outbursts of text chat with the conversation-oriented structure of a forum. Leading to 'debates' between people who are just saying whatever pops into their heads.

No but seriously, to anyone engaged in an argument on Twitter (including @alex, @patrickklepek): delete your Twitter account and watch your life instantly become better. I guarantee you are not gaining anything that is worth what you're putting into it.

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Giant Bomb's Most Punchable Game of 2014

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What if Jeff and Dan watched all the Rocky movies in one day.

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Looking for "gamer games" on a phone will lead to disappointment. Your choices are good casual games or the ones with birds in them.

People are recommending Welcome to the Dungeon and The Room. Those are good games on a tablet, but maybe not on a phone. Depends on the size of screen you have (under 5" is maybe too small).

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It's a good thing the reviews are marked with their names instead of "Staff" or something. To emphasize that it's one person's opinion and not Giant Bomb's collective opinion.