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Basically, the more mustard is in a mustard, the worse it is. Culminating in the absolute hate crime of spicy/brown mustard.

Yellow mustard can be a pleasant ingredient in barbecue sauce (Carl's Jr does this) and can be tolerated as a condiment in some cases. Much like mayo, it's best when you can't tell it's there.

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@ntm said:

It's unfortunate Ian Holm isn't reprising his role though, I wonder if he just couldn't due to scheduling, or simply didn't want to.

Lord of the Rings alumni don't come cheap, I imagine. Not cheap enough to make room for Sigourney Weaver, anyway.

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Why should fans be happy that a bunch of ancient actors are trying to imitate roles they had 35 years ago?

Yaphet Kotto is turning 75 this year. Tom Skerritt is 80. Harry Dean Stanton is damn near 90.

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Japanese mayo is super different from occidental mayo.

Their mayo is actually good as a condiment for omelettes and such. I could even imagine it being okay on pizza. Ours, however, is disgusting if you get a full-on taste of it, and must be used with great care.

Ketchup, on the other hand, is universally inoffensive.

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I just can't get comfortable without shorts and a shirt, especially when it's hot. I need something to absorb the sweat, so my skin isn't adhering to any surface it comes into contact with. Which maybe only happens because it's so dry here.

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@farkas said:

The Thing, even though the story is super flimsy.

Hold up.

You're talking about the 2011 movie?

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These guys seem cool, but I am having a really hard time telling their voices apart. To my ears they have almost the exact same accent, although Jason's voice is deeper.

By the way, Twitter is maybe the best argument yet for shutting down the Internet. Maybe North Korea was on to something all along.

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She looks like a character from a budget PS2 JRPG.

"Simple 2000: The Spellcasting" or something.

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Embed, take 2