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Oh, I thought of one: for Ico I almost always say Eye-co and I only found out because of the Bombcast that it's Ee-co. Considering it's a Japanese game, pronouncing the i like that definitely makes more sense, but I still always think of it as Eye-co.

And I say Oo-bisoft too.

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Gemini Rue isn't on Steam, that looks pretty cool

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Halo Reach, 14 headshots in one Slayer Pro match.

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Oh, if your socket is AM2 then you'll need an older AMD processor, not Intel. Don't know anything that would be good on that end, never used AMD.

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You probably want something like this, to overclock. Pentium Dual Core is basically the same as Core 2 Duo, only cheaper.

If you haven't overclocked before, don't worry about it. It's dead easy. Just be sure to get a decent third-party cooler since the Intel pack-ins are sort of crap.

And obviously you'll need a mobo that supports Intel processors, not AMD. Just check out whether it supports LGA 775 and it should work.
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Shady-ass inside baseball. Do an expose of Zynga or something.

The retro news idea is good too.

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Awesome. Should have been sooner, honestly.

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No, I enjoy having a name that reveals nothing about my interests.

Or much of anything, really.

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  I cannot imagine the Wii 2  launching without a blowout title.

Really?Nintendo hasn't cared about system-selling launch games since the N64 (and considering how the N64 launched with literally 2 games, maybe that's a good thing)Personally I can't imagine Cafe launching with anything bigger than Mario Kart.
And Twilight Princess CERTAINLY wasn't an attempt at all! Neither was Wii Sports
They were putting out Twilight Princess anyway. It wasn't created to be a launch game. Wii Sports was one step up from a tech demo, and as such probably cost them very little money or time to produce. Doesn't apply to the question.
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Ultimately the only thing wrong with LA Noire's faces is that they have middling textures. When its tech gets implemented in a game that's better-looking overall, it will be a noticeable step up even without moving on to stuff like in that video (which, as people have said, is too polished to be in a game anyway)