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So the ESRB plays games now, or.

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Although I enjoy what a few people have to say on Twitter, it's probably best that all of those people delete their accounts, for the sake of their own mental well-being.

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I like it, DS4Tool works good. But I kept having problems with the PS4 turning on when I was using it, and interfering with the pairing somehow. I switched to the DS3, which is still perfect for any game I'm not using a mouse for.

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If it's fake, then where did the Duck Hunt render come from, I wonder?

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"Duck Hunt" being a character is on par with the Fighters Mega Mix car. I hope that's real.

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All the sci-fi stories where human civilization is destroyed by nuclear war seem more quaint and naive with each passing year of the Internet's existence.

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Don't overlook the ghetto GTA 4 stream Jeff and Ryan did in 2008. I'd still like to watch that sometime.

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I totally agree with that move. It's especially hard to attach friends or enemies to characters who are directly based on real people, like sports figures.

I don't think there will be too much confusion over "Related" characters. The wording is actually "Similar" games, not "Related" games.

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I would like to see people try, at least, to make N64-looking games. But in the stylized way, to avoid the whole outdated proto-realism effect. Banjo-Kazooie rather than Shadows of the Empire, let's say.

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@hailinel said:

@saturdaynightspecials: Older Link in Ocarina ran around in a tunic and tights. So I don't see your point.

So? Leggings were often worn by soldiers historically (and later Link designs had tougher-looking material for the legs). Thigh-highs, I'm pretty sure, have always been a fashion thing.

The core issue here is not that I'm offended by lady thighs in a video game. I'm not. I'm just so tired of seeing details in character designs (however small) that make me think "Why is this here? Oh yeah, because certain people need fan service to be interested in anything." It's depressing.