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Nothing ever happens with these petitions. It could get a million signatures and nothing would happen.

I mean I get it is a joke, but I honestly think Dan really believes it is possible, which is about the stupidest thing ever

I mean, Dan is known to generate some sort of Forrest Gump celebrity attraction field. His chances of playing a video game with Obama, however microscopic they are, probably outweigh the cumulative chances of all other staff members.

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This would doubtless end with someone being arrested.

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UPF is a great place for old games that don't deserve an Encyclopedia Bombastica. Not necessarily bad ones, but interesting B-tier stuff. Like have they played Cubivore yet? They should.

Also perfect: hacky nonsense like Cat Mario, or weird mods, or old games with jury-rigged multiplayer servers. Heck, play a flash game once in a while. The browser game scene over the last ~15 years is a rich vein of insanity and wonder, if you know where to look for the good stuff (hint: not Newgrounds).

What I hate is when someone plays a kinda-cool new release Steam game (or something like that), and even though it seems perfectly good as a game, it's not any fun to watch, so the others eventually ignore it and talk about whatevs. I feel sorry for the guy playing, but I don't blame them either.

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John Oliver is funnier anyway.

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The only Spider-Man movie that would get my attention today concerns a middle-aged Spider-Man who realizes that the concept of Spider-Man is dumb, but in order to keep fighting crime he is forced to keep playing up this persona that he now richly regrets inventing. Maybe it opens with him awkwardly entertaining a child's birthday party like in Ghostbusters 2.

And the movie would be called Spiderman.

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@topshelf211: The Jays have a decent chance of making the playoffs. Even though Boston is an obvious favorite to win the division, the Yankees are fairly weak and the Orioles are projected to really suck. After adding Donaldson, Martin, and Saunders, the Jays are at least a wild card threat. Which = World Series threat, as we've seen.

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1. The Nippon Ham Fighters

2. The Seattle Mariners

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A bad idea, but very interesting.

Using real-person logic instead of marketing logic, I've discovered a much better analogy for what this show ends up being, if they don't cancel it:

Young adult fantasy literature adaptation. Eragon, Narnia, Percy Jackson, maybe Harry Potter. Anything like that, boiled down to the essential cliches. It's going to be all coming-of-age story, bright impetuous lad proving himself as a hero, old guys grimly dispensing "epic" dialog about the darkness that threatens our world. The Zelda version of that is easy to envision.

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I often do +50%, but I rarely commit to everything. I'm not doing crappy race missions or arena challenges for 5 hours. On the other hand, I might spend 3 hours getting collectibles even if I'm not having fun.

I think when I finished Arkham City recently, I had done everything besides the challenge levels. Without the Riddler informants I probably wouldn't have bothered.

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Don't worry, the combat and leveling system in Morrowind are by far the worst things about it. (Source: someone who loves Morrowind to death and has put ~200 hours into it)

Find a cheesy strategy that works, and save-scum as needed. I recommend finding a Daedric shrine and jacking one of the fancy Daedric weapons from it.

And turn on "Always use best attack" in the options menu.