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@farkas said:

The Thing, even though the story is super flimsy.

Hold up.

You're talking about the 2011 movie?

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These guys seem cool, but I am having a really hard time telling their voices apart. To my ears they have almost the exact same accent, although Jason's voice is deeper.

By the way, Twitter is maybe the best argument yet for shutting down the Internet. Maybe North Korea was on to something all along.

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She looks like a character from a budget PS2 JRPG.

"Simple 2000: The Spellcasting" or something.

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Embed, take 2

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Rename: Fantastica -> Fantasica

I misread the name.

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I don't want a new one. I just want the Battlefield 5 campaign to deal exclusively with Haggard and Sweetwater.

Not in the military, just as beat cops or something. No multiplayer in the game at all. And mostly no shooting. LA Noire meets End of Watch.

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Sounds like there are no objections, so I'll go ahead and make the page.

The general proposals thread idea is great, someone do that.

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I'm thinking about a concept page for games where you can move a mouse-like cursor around freely, but the game cannot be played with a mouse (or is not designed to be). You usually see this in menus, a recent example being the Destiny beta.

Just to make sure this is a good idea and the page won't be deleted, what do you all think about it? And is there a better name than "Cursor on a Console"?

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Drop a Titan on it!

says the page.

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It doesn't allow you to play it with a mouse. Or raise the FOV above like, 50.

Halo is tolerable with a controller, but this game seems to really reward more precision and care.