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Yes, because I seek out the good ones using sites like this.

There are tons of actually interesting browser games outside the shitty "Flash portal" realm (and often inside it, coincidentally). Games like Candy Box and Lethal League are not one in a million.

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Well, 'ludonarrative dissonance' and anything else from the same lexicon of pompous pseudo-academic horseshit is certainly annoying, but I'm pretty good at not coming into contact with most of it.

As far as things developers say, the term "gameplay loop" kind of makes my skin crawl when someone says it aloud, even though it's a valid way to describe the design of most games.

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he hasn't been sentenced, correct? if they can produce chat logs with the 'lol' and 'jk,' i imagine that'll get his potential punishment knocked down a shitload.

granted, it probably shouldn't have come to this, but the dude sounds like a dumbass. he's 19, and he should know better than to run his mouth. i'm not saying he deserves incarceration, but by the same token, i wouldn't hang out in front of the NYSE in a balaclava, or randomly place empty boxes in times square.

The difference is that this was said while playing a video game. He was not standing outside a school saying this, or holding a gun. Therefore no one would have reason to suspect that he might actually do it.

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I never learned cursive. If a form requires me to sign and print my name, I have to consciously make my signature a bit different.

When I can type letters on everything using the auxiliary computer in my brain, none of this will matter.

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I feel awful for the rest of the company. They had enough shit piling on them without this.

Wonder if they'll keep using any of his work in the game.

^ Also what he said.

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I sort of doubt it, considering how insensitive they are to the quality of writing.

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I didn't finish QUBE because it had turned into a different game that, coincidentally, wasn't fun.

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Indigo, or whatever the Gamecube is. The color that signifies that something is grape-flavored. Not coincidentally.

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There are a couple really good songs on that new Phoenix album, but I'm not sure if I like the rest of them.

So that's probably going to be my album of the year.

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