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Quitting games immediately after I decide I don't enjoy them is turning out to be a good idea.

I can still speak somewhat intelligently on Alan Wake and Metro 2033, for example, even though I just recently dropped both of them and don't plan to go back.

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Just make Vinny build one out of a Staples button.

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I'm surprised this only has 8 backers after a month.

I mean Terry Cavanagh pledged $100, that has to count for something.

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You know, if something from the Internet is going to be overexposed and made into bad games, I'd much prefer it to be an adorable dog than rage faces or Slenderman.

I'll allow it.

Also God DAMN that was some burn by Ryan.

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Yeah Richard Cheese actually made a good version of American Idiot. No mean feat.

But as far as serious covers:

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^ I just somewhat prefer this one, I maybe wouldn't say it's "better".

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But that one sure as hell is.

EDIT: This is more of a remix with added vocals, but it's remarkable for being a pretty good beat that HEALTH turned into a fucking radical song. One of their best.

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If your TV has composite or 3.5mm Audio Out, you can use HDMI and stereo speakers just fine. That's what I have.

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You can dual wield semi-auto shotguns in these games.

I wouldn't be surprised if he was holding the pistol in his teeth.

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Endurance Run games should be disqualified.

Also I think Rayman Origins and Shadow Complex could bump a couple other games off the list.

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