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FEAR is worth playing.

FEAR 2 is worth playing if you can tolerate mediocre gameplay for some good atmosphere and interesting expansion on the FEAR fiction.

FEAR 3 is worth playing if you can tolerate its nonsense fever-dream version of the FEAR fiction for some pretty good gameplay. It's really not bad, divorced from any pretense of being a proper third FEAR game.

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Took me about a cumulative hour to get through that little encounter. Then after I killed the guy, the game crashed to desktop.

I was not a fan of the boss fights in that game even when they worked properly.

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My dad loves depressing, bleak movies and I'm sometimes roped into watching them. The worst were probably Deliverance and Missing. Good movies, I suppose, but I didn't enjoy them one bit.

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That would be entirely too familiar and thus depressing.

But if they went with the average Japanese person's idea of life in the US, ie nonstop drive-by shootings, that could be rather entertaining.

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@hunter5024 said:

I think both of those pages are pretty well done, and distinguish themselves from one another.

I didn't say they weren't well-done or didn't distinguish themselves. I just think that a hard split between the two concepts is more confusing than useful on GB.

In video games, there are very few cases where someone is specifically described as a sociopath as opposed to a psychopath. In fact, many of the characters tied to the Sociopath page are less "sociopaths" and more just dicks (eg, Ganondorf, Duke Nukem, Axel) who happen to show some signs of ASPD, ones that are ingrained in villain/anti-hero archetypes anyway.

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That is excellent, though I always imagined Big Jeffrey in a ten-gallon hat and a beige suit.

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Apart from the fact that the distinction between psychopathy and sociopathy is heavily debated, the difference just isn't meaningful in a video game context. A single article can cover both and explain the difference.

I'd rename the resulting page Psychopathy, for clarity.

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Rename: Wannabe Chestburster -> Hidden Parasite + Alias: Chestburster

This concept should apply to actual Aliens chestbursters too, since they do appear in games.

Alias: War of the Roses -> War of the Roses: Kingmaker