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It's the fact that Patrick has been in something like 75% of all of the QLs over the last year and a half

We can't take that to mean no one else wants to be in Quick Looks. I always imagined that Patrick volunteered on most of those (specifically the ones where he's observing) because he tries to take an interest in all types of games. If he does that, Jeff isn't exactly going to say "No, people are getting tired of you being in all the Quick Looks, Vinny is doing it."

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Final Fantasy Type-0 -> Final Fantasy Type-O

what's the point of this? the game is called type zero, not type "o"

nobody here is entering alpha-numerical codes where you have to differentiate between an O and a 0.

Someone could very easily mistake the 0 for an O (since "oh" can mean either phonetically, and "type O" is a more familiar term than "type-0") and thus search for Final Fantasy Type-O, bringing up nothing.

I don't think this is so unreasonable in comparison to any other spelling error-focused alias.

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I think in those games, the class system is more in the line of RPGs than team MP games. As such, it's implied in the Role-Playing Shooter concept.

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I would accept "cummon", because at least that gives the rest of us a laugh.

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I don't think I've ever eaten anything conceptually gross, but I have done some combinations that were objectively bad ideas. Like mustard and grapefruit, or Kool-Aid and scotch. Still, I would sooner revisit either of those than wasabi.

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This is among the most retarded things I heard today.

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I use it all the time but I always come away feeling a little scummy. The whole culture is repugnant in a variety of ways.

There are some generally respectable niche subreddits, but the shit seeps into all of them somehow.

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Mmm, dead skin, particles of dirt, and shampoo, just what my beer always needs.

You don't hold the beer at your chest.

Doesn't matter, if it's in the shower with you, that shit will find its way in there via the water spray. Especially if it's in a glass or cup.

you must be quite the jovial swimmer.

Well I try not to drink pool water by the pint, if at all possible.