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I'm thinking about a concept page for games where you can move a mouse-like cursor around freely, but the game cannot be played with a mouse (or is not designed to be). You usually see this in menus, a recent example being the Destiny beta.

Just to make sure this is a good idea and the page won't be deleted, what do you all think about it? And is there a better name than "Cursor on a Console"?

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Drop a Titan on it!

says the page.

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It doesn't allow you to play it with a mouse. Or raise the FOV above like, 50.

Halo is tolerable with a controller, but this game seems to really reward more precision and care.

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Adding Vinny and Brad sure made the site better, because they are smart, real people. Bringing in more smart, and above all real, people will be a good thing.

Just so long as they keep out the fake-ass phony people who are all about manufacturing an image for themselves (like say, most of Kotaku), it's cool.

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I liked that line.

Mainly because it was one of the few in which he didn't completely fuck up the intonation.

I have to imagine the v/a director was too much in awe of Dinklage to ever correct him or ask for another take. I've never seen him act, but I can't imagine anyone would be allowed to deliver lines that way on a big-budget HBO series.

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Just confirmation bias.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of examples of AAA new IP last generation that totally fizzled, or at least didn't earn a sequel. Lair, Haze, Dark Void, Wet, Hunted: TDF, Fracture, Folklore, Stormrise, Matt Hazard, Jericho, The Saboteur, Viking: BFA, The Club. (Seriously, remember The Club? That was a game that came out, on disks.)

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Please delete Jamella. I meant for it to be a Character page.


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Aliases: Identifying Loot -> Unidentified Loot, Identification, Engrams (name for unidentified items in Destiny)

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No Man's Sky was pretty much revealed already.

After reading this story about Let It Die, I'm really interested in it. That trailer did a really exceptionally bad job of communicating the idea of the game.

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My code begins with "EPMD", so this is already going great.