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That would be difficult, most anime is pretty sad.

As for intentional pathos, that was basically the entire point of Haibane Renmei, and it most often succeeded. Been a long time since I saw it, though, so I might think differently now.

Also that Cowboy Bebop episode with the guy's blind wife (?) was kinda sad, I think.

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I remember Okage having good story elements, but it was very tongue-in-cheek. Which is probably what made it good.

Dragon Quest 8 had pretty good writing/localization and characters, though not a good plot or anything.

Persona 4 is the closest thing to a seriously good story I've ever seen in that genre, but its strengths are much more in the character study vein. I didn't love how the plot played out.

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Yeah. When he was talking about that Zombie run, Drew brushed up against that zombie and he said "Hey, if you touch me again, I'm gonna have to remove a flag" and Drew said "Fuck you, this is just a game" and threw the flag on the ground. That was on a Bombcast some time ago.

That was Patrick.

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I like the looks of Austin Jackson for sure. My first reaction was to turn up my nose at Chris Denorfia, but his hitting is actually not bad by current Mariners standards. When you've got Corey Hart pretending to DH, anything looks good.

We're not making the postseason, but we can still have a respectable second half. Maybe Felix has a shot at another Cy Young if we can get him enough wins.

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Alias: Prowling Demon -> Titanite Demon

Rename: Games once banned but not anymore -> Unbanned Games

I realize that could also be read as "games that have never been banned", but I like to believe most users are not quite stupid enough to use it that way.

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If they do stop making disks, can I get decorative faux video game cases to put on my shelves? I want to look more distinguished.

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No, I didn't notice that I could go there.

I'm not even sure I got the emblem. I played during the specified time, and it popped up a message like "Play the beta during this time to get an emblem thing!" but I don't think it directly confirmed that I got it.

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I'm thinking about a concept page for games where you can move a mouse-like cursor around freely, but the game cannot be played with a mouse (or is not designed to be). You usually see this in menus, a recent example being the Destiny beta.

Just to make sure this is a good idea and the page won't be deleted, what do you all think about it? And is there a better name than "Cursor on a Console"?

how does this work with Wii and Kinect games where you're controlling a cursor in the same way but via motion controls. Do all of these apply?

I think that counts. Not all Wii or Kinect games have it, so it's not inherent to the control scheme like on PC.

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I think I liked the Mako better than scanning, so that's okay.

The Mako would have been a good part of ME1 if there had been 1/2 as many Mako sequences and 2x the density of interesting things to find on the planet surfaces.