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@hailinel said:

@saturdaynightspecials: The 2600 game isn't called Yar's Revenge, though. The plural possessive is the proper title. The remake distinguishes itself by using the singular possessive.

Yeah, that's why I'm asking for an alias, so the placement of one apostrophe doesn't get in the way of people finding the page.

I know all the pages show up when you type "Yars Revenge", but I would naturally put an apostrophe.

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Because if you're really good at one particular game or type of game, anyone of average competency will seem to "suck" at it.

Compounded by the actor-observer bias inherent in watching anyone play a game.

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@monstrouk said:

Just finishing up my Richard mask for my Hotline Miami costume.

Nice. The year that Hotline Miami came out was the first time in ages that I wanted to dress up for Halloween. But I never have a reason to dress up.

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Deers are dumb, but I like that bird thing okay.

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@theht said:

I tried some coffee the other day. It just tastes like bitter water. Didn't seem to make me more awake too.

I sense a correlation here.

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I'm sick of seeing this guy and his reviews and I'm sick of hearing people complain about him.

If you don't like him, stop rewarding him for his behavior and he will go away.

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Don't forget Devil's Attorney.

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