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I like how Wolfenstein handled it, where the heavy troopers were harder to kill and more dangerous, but could still be taken out with 3 well-placed shots.

Bullet sponge enemies just suck, no matter what.

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I don't think Pacific Rim has great chances of being good, but I'll see it. At the very least, Rinko Kikuchi looks cute in it.

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Because of a storytelling moment, God no. I've never cared about a character enough for that to be possible.

The title screen music in Ocarina of Time can affect me like that, but that's more of a "bygone youth" thing.

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You're playing as the dog, undercover as the villain's new guard dog "Vasily", and at the end of a mission he feeds you a Milk-Bone with a bomb in it.

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Those guidelines are freaky.


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Star Control 2, definitely. If they have anyone who really appreciates them, it would also be fun to see Quest for Glory II (the remake) or IV.

Oh, and some kind of MECC game that isn't Oregon Trail. I should just send them Africa Trail and Amazon Trail.

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I like X1, for when past Xboxes are part of the conversation. It's short.

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There's just nothing on the road Microsoft is going down that I will ever be interested in, I don't think.

I've been very happy not having cable for years, I don't watch a whole lot of current TV or movies, I don't use Twitter and I try not to use Facebook, I have a phone that serves me very well for web browsing and such while I'm doing something else on the TV. Anything else cool on the system side is already being done by Sony or will probably be something they imitate later.

Combine that with my preference for Sony's first party franchises and developers over Microsoft's, and it looks like I might end up never owning an X1. But I guess E3 can make or break that, in theory.

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I kind of like that it looks like a 3DO or a Nuon or something.

It's appropriate since their current approach is basically a 2013 version of "multimedia".