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So I think this is new. First time I've seen it.

This new thing pushes the old info panel off the screen entirely (on a 1080p monitor, even). Everything else in the side panel, of course, also gets pushed down, including the associated characters/concepts/etc and the top contributors.

I don't like this. I understand why it's there (to hook random Google visitors who stumble upon the wiki). It's just not an elegant way of doing what it's trying to do, because it disrupts the natural design of the wiki pages. And yes, I know it's a small issue. But it bugs me.

Allowing registered users to hide it by default would be the cool thing to do. At the very least, paying members should be able to.

What do you at home think?

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Russian screaming is probably the only thing that might get me to play Dota 2, actually.

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The story doesn't even seem that great though

The fact that you seem to be judging it based on a series of 2 minute trailers in what is presumably an 8-ish hour game is a bit odd. I don't really think we've seen enough either way to say whether or not it is great.

In my 75 years of watching game trailers, it has never happened that I thought "The writing/storytelling in this game does not appear to be very good" and upon playing the game, discovered it was good. I can't think of an inverse example either. The lines they put in the trailer are chosen to impress you.

I guess the plot could be incredible. Bioshock Infinite made up for some fairly lame writing with its plot. Bit hard to imagine The Order matching that, honestly.

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The story doesn't even seem that great though

That's what I don't understand. Judging by the trailers, they get their dialog from the same packaged cliché goods supplier (PCGS) that services Dishonored, Killzone, Gears of War, Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider, Crysis, etc.

In fact, games with decent writing tend not to be described as "story-driven". Maybe when the story is the selling point, publishers are extra-careful to make sure it's good. And to a publisher "good" means "blandly inoffensive to x% of end users".

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Alias: Daruma -> Dharma

(that's the name used in Animal Crossing)

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It's...a collection of illustrated Kolchak: The Night Stalker-Lovecraft crossover fan fic, basically.

That sounds absolutely horrible, but it honestly looks pretty good! It's not even pornographic!

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Wolfenstein: The New Order, Saints Row IV, and Shadow of Mordor.


I'm looking forward to playing them, which will probably not happen until 2015. Maybe even Summer 2015 for a couple of them.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order, Saints Row IV, and Shadow of Mordor.

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Don't forget Blackbay Asylum. Classic example of Vinny being very generous to a very bad game.

I also really liked Police Cop: You're Under Arrest or whatever that game was called.