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Making the romhack concept (or the essence of it) accessible, organized and legally above-board is enough to make it a great product.

The make-or-break factor is how open it will actually be.

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It's a good idea but also a big target for Nintendo's stodgy conservative side.

They will probably do something like limit how many hazards/enemies can be in a level, to "ensure fairness".

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The Knuckles stages in Sonic Adventure 2 are the only good thing about a Sonic game, ever.

The Tails stages were the ones that actually sucked.

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Some kind of offroad racing game. When you win races, you can unlock more tribals. Or some sick Tapout-branded shocks.

Alternatively, Migrant Worker Simulator 2015.

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I would make a different trailer, if you want people to see the gameplay. It was nearly impossible to keep watching through the intro.

Even assuming people will like that part, it just goes on for way too long.

Also I said this before, but Mario stuff is so over. When you're making the same retro game references as t-shirts from the Gap, it's time to reconsider some things.

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Just please, let's never, ever do those photoshopped video thumbnails that have some dumbfuck making a face at you.

No offense to Danny, of course. But it makes even him look like an ass, in that context.