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Looking for "gamer games" on a phone will lead to disappointment. Your choices are good casual games or the ones with birds in them.

People are recommending Welcome to the Dungeon and The Room. Those are good games on a tablet, but maybe not on a phone. Depends on the size of screen you have (under 5" is maybe too small).

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It's a good thing the reviews are marked with their names instead of "Staff" or something. To emphasize that it's one person's opinion and not Giant Bomb's collective opinion.

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Rename: Box Cutter -> Utility Knife

+ Aliases: Box Cutter, Carpet Knife, Box Knife

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Literally anything but the Renaissance or the Crusades? Is that too much to ask?

Or how about this: no historical settings in AAA games. They inevitably bone it up and replace it with xtreme made-for-TV history.

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@poobumbutt said:

Is THIS to be the skeleton in this generation of gaming's closet? God, I hope not.

It wouldn't be the first time gaming as a hobby was stigmatized because of people with untreated psychiatric disorders.

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@grantheaslip said:

Like @demoskinos, I was thinking about writing a little bit about my limited experience with vocaloids (mostly by way of the Project Diva games), but seeing the hostility here makes me think it's probably not worth the effort. Suffice it to say that I think a lot of people here are fundamentally misinformed about vocaloids and the vocaloid creator culture. I particularly don't know what to say to someone who thinks Hatsune Miku is "creepy" except to say that you should probably know better than to trust a Quick Look for nuanced and accurate representations of Japanese culture. I covered some of what I would have said in a blog post about Project Diva F earlier this year.

Actually, one other thing, because it was mentioned earlier in this thread (@bisonhero): the characters of Hatsune Miku and five other vocaloids are Creative Commons licensed. The actual vocaloid software isn't – and because of that there's obviously a self-serving aspect to encouraging the proliferation of the character designs that are effectively tied to the copyrighted software – but I do think the way the company has gone out of their way to give up control of the character is useful context. There's a really interesting and genuine collaborative culture built up around vocaloids that reminds me in a lot of ways of open-source software (which, of course, is often chained to corporately-controlled platforms as well):

None of this is to say you have to like it, but characterizing it as hollow corporate schlock and/or creepy otaku pandering is – at least based on what I've gleaned – reductive to the point of inaccuracy.

I think what's more reductive is to claim that opinions you don't agree with are the result of ignorance about the subject, instead of, you know, a difference of opinion.

Personally I don't buy that Japanese companies, like those responsible for Miku, are blissfully ignorant of otaku skeeviness, and it just happens that their products give that culture everything it wants. I think the objectives and undertones are obvious, unless one chooses to overlook them. But that's only my take on it, not a fact.

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@humanity said:

@meatball said:

Um. The idea that there are people that would actually enjoy that song kind of made me laugh out loud. That was awful.

I think it's really strange how by large in America, and I would assume around the world, we find this kind of bizarre and silly - yet in Japan it's like a big deal that I assume people think is completely normal and cool.

Not as much as you would think. The average Japanese person is more familiar with otaku culture than the average American, of course, but otakus are still a minority over there, despite what American anime fans want to believe. Most of the native Japanese people I've met would think this is totally stupid.

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Even though this strongly suggests the painful and humiliating demise of our civilization, there's something bracing about it, somehow. The age of killing people for gas is slightly, but tangibly, closer.

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There is no reason CBSi would want to merge the sites, from a business standpoint or any other standpoint.