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Granted, the US box takes full and blatant advantage of The Ring having come out the year before, and also does the "inverted cross as a t" thing for no good reason. But the Japanese box goes right past understated and lands in dull territory.

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@saturdaynightspecials: @dan_citi: Hey, guys? You can be a strong character and physically attractive at the same time. That is not a scandalous notion.

Hey guys? You can be a strong character and not particularly physically attractive at the same time. That is not a scandalous notion.

Also, you can be physically attractive but not wear dumb clothes that don't obey the laws of physics, just because they look sexier for the audience.

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It's not the outfits themselves that are the problem. It's what they say about Nintendo's attitude towards the character, when you read between the lines a little. With basically infinite examples of other characters in video games, even within Smash Bros, that mainly function as eye candy, was it really necessary for Samus to become just another one of them? Would it have ruined Smash Bros or Metroid, or the character of Samus for that matter, if she hadn't?

Obviously they have good reasons to do it, but I kinda thought Nintendo could afford not to, for dignity's sake. Maybe they don't see any further value in the Metroid property that warrants its protection?

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So the ESRB plays games now, or.

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Although I enjoy what a few people have to say on Twitter, it's probably best that all of those people delete their accounts, for the sake of their own mental well-being.

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I like it, DS4Tool works good. But I kept having problems with the PS4 turning on when I was using it, and interfering with the pairing somehow. I switched to the DS3, which is still perfect for any game I'm not using a mouse for.

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If it's fake, then where did the Duck Hunt render come from, I wonder?

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"Duck Hunt" being a character is on par with the Fighters Mega Mix car. I hope that's real.

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All the sci-fi stories where human civilization is destroyed by nuclear war seem more quaint and naive with each passing year of the Internet's existence.