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@saturdaynightspecials: It's the same people. Same filmmakers, and (mostly) same actors.

Yeah I know. Which makes the disparity surprising.

Maybe the transition from silent to non-silent was what spoiled it. The silent format doesn't demand naturalistic acting or dialog.

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Whisperer in Darkness was really bad.

The black-and-white effect was pointless, since they shot it more or less like a modern color film (not much creative use of light and shadow). The acting was mostly terrible, even for amateurs in some cases (Shifty McMustache). It ran about twice as long as it needed to, and thus was padded with incredibly boring scenes of dude hanging around the house and holograms talking endlessly. The little girl character hurt the tension/sense of dread, and only existed so the protagonist could have some Character Moments (because strong characters are one of the pillars of Lovecraftian fiction.) And then they made the obvious fatal error of showing exactly what the creatures looked like. The CGI was bad, sure, but good effects would not have saved that scene.

I was left unsure whether the film makers saw Lovecraft as straight horror or pulpy, dated camp material. Making it b&w, and pitching it as a throwback to 1930s monster movies, kinda suggests that they were keeping the movie at arm's length, not sure how the final product would strike people. If anything came across as goofy, they could call it "retro".

Call of Cthulhu was not great, but okay. I liked it, because it gave the impression of people who were not experts but at least "got" Lovecraft on a fundamental level, and Whisperer in Darkness did not.

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@mb said:

I thought it was a cool feature on the first day, but now I couldn't care less about it.

Yeah. I still think it's a cool feature for someone, just not for me. If something is endorsed by a curator I follow, I've probably already heard of the game and know that it's well-regarded.

The utility of the feature is, presumably, for people who don't spend a lot of time paying attention to the gaming press. But then how do they know which curators to follow? Do they watch one TotalBiscuit video and say "This guy's all British, it's fun!" and then follow his curator thing?

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I wouldn't say "turned against" but Guardians did humor, character, and catharthis better than Avengers and Winter Soldier did action, intrigue, and story better. The lesson if anything is Marvel movies by and large seem to be getting better. Not a bad thing.

Winter Soldier did more story and intrigue, but it was not all that successful at them. It felt like they welded a hackneyed political thriller onto a solid superhero movie.

I'd say Iron Man 3 is the high water mark for plots in Marvel movies (though I have not seen Guardians).

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Halloween is in 9 days.

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Maybe they could hire that programmer that was emailing them on the podcast.

Don't join the game industry and be abused! At Giant Bomb, 60-hour work weeks are very infrequent!

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Okay, in all seriousness this guy probably needs to see a psychiatrist (not for "immaturity" but for actual psychiatric issues beyond his control), but a) his apology was totally satisfactory and a lot more than you would have gotten out of Phil Fish or [insert other primadonna indie developer] b) Paranautical Activity is a hell of a game and I'm sad to see it get the bulk of its publicity from one developer's rage issues, which were probably magnified exponentially by Twitter being involved.

Takeaway: Twitter sucks shit forever. Buy Paranautical Activity when/if it comes back to Steam.

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The Thing.

I know you meant Ridley Scott, but I feel that The Thing is more successful than Alien at realizing a similar premise.

Strictly comparing Alien to Aliens, I think I like Alien more. I would have to rewatch Aliens to say for sure though.

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Twitter is great because it brings together the reflexive, disposable outbursts of text chat with the conversation-oriented structure of a forum. Leading to 'debates' between people who are just saying whatever pops into their heads.

No but seriously, to anyone engaged in an argument on Twitter (including @alex, @patrickklepek): delete your Twitter account and watch your life instantly become better. I guarantee you are not gaining anything that is worth what you're putting into it.

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