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If they do stop making disks, can I get decorative faux video game cases to put on my shelves? I want to look more distinguished.

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No, I didn't notice that I could go there.

I'm not even sure I got the emblem. I played during the specified time, and it popped up a message like "Play the beta during this time to get an emblem thing!" but I don't think it directly confirmed that I got it.

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I'm thinking about a concept page for games where you can move a mouse-like cursor around freely, but the game cannot be played with a mouse (or is not designed to be). You usually see this in menus, a recent example being the Destiny beta.

Just to make sure this is a good idea and the page won't be deleted, what do you all think about it? And is there a better name than "Cursor on a Console"?

how does this work with Wii and Kinect games where you're controlling a cursor in the same way but via motion controls. Do all of these apply?

I think that counts. Not all Wii or Kinect games have it, so it's not inherent to the control scheme like on PC.

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I think I liked the Mako better than scanning, so that's okay.

The Mako would have been a good part of ME1 if there had been 1/2 as many Mako sequences and 2x the density of interesting things to find on the planet surfaces.

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What is with all these new accounts bumping old shit?

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As PC Gamer notes, an image in the teaser email has the filename "ShadowRealms_Teaser_video.jpg." and that's not the first time the name's popped up tied to EA. In February the company filed a trademark for it, and in March it registered a ton of domains including the name, such as "," "" and "" - a free-to-play MMO is the obvious leap to make.

So yeah.

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Dragon Quest VIII.

This is true. Several JRPGs have this because they were localized for Europe first.

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Looks like very calculated nonsense cooked up by ad agency people.

Meanwhile the actual game is about magic future samurai or something.

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Timothy Blood and Brian Strange are great lawyer names.