How to Fix Missing Icon Images for Games or Any Windows Program

The other day my StarCraft II icon turned into the default Windows icon and this infuriated me.  I finally found a solid fix for this.  

  1.  Change your Folder Options to show hidden files, folders, and protected operating system files 
  2. Go into C:\Users\Your_Username\AppData\Local (Windows Vista and 7)
  3. Delete IconCache.db
  4. Create a new IconCache.db
  5. Change the new IconCache.db to be Read Only
  6. Restart your PC
After doing this your icon cache should be rebuilt and your StarCraft II, or whatever, icon should be back.

Annual Multipass Subscription

I decided to give Whiskey Media $50.  I understand why they decided to go this route and I support them 100%.  I also wanted a rad t-shirt.  The guys at Whiskey Media provide me with hours of entertainment every week and that's more than I can say for any single video game.  For 5/6 of the price of a game I get access to podcasts, videos, news, and everything else that might come out of Giant Bomb, Tested, Screened, and future Whiskey Media sites for 1 year.  Sure, this was all free until recently, but the sites are growing and costs are going up. 
If you want them to continue to provide everything we have come to enjoy then they need to be able to support themselves and their expenses.  Not everyone is going to like this, but I'm happy to support these guys.