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@the_reflection: Via Twitter, @rorie told me they should go out sometime today (most likely). So you haven't missed the email.

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RSVP for me!

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Has anyone found any interesting function combinations? I've been trying a lot of combinations, but I've only found one really effective setup. This setup simplified one of the early bosses (The Spine), even with all of my available Limiters active:


Spark() + Jaunt()

Use Turn(), lay down two Load() bombs, and end Turn(). Then run back a little bit and start spamming Spark() to deal damage to the area, which also destroys the unstable packets created by Load(). The AoE damage is devastating. It's made even more potent if you use the Help() function as a passive. The damage potential goes way up if you get lucky with your 1-in-4 chance at using Kill() while you have some unstable packets on the ground. Another benefit is you can use Spark() while Turn() is recharging to clear-up shielded and/or bad cells.

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After the Quick Look, I decided to pick-up MH3U. I had to dedicate about 10 hours to it before I was familiar with all of the weapons, decided which on to use, and moved beyond the tutorial monsters. After that, it was easy to continue because I was really enjoying the full game. I've moved beyond the Low Rank and into High Rank quests. I'm an "Elite Hunter" offline. It's been a lot of fun getting to this point. I need to try more of the multiplayer and try raising my Hunter Rank.

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This is my first MH game. So far I have defeated the Lagiacrus and moved into 5* quests. I found I had to invest an entire Saturday into the game to really get into it. I definitely had to read about the game to understand some of the appeal. If you don't have some understanding of the strategy behind the weapons and monsters, it's easy to feel like you're just smashing two buttons and rolling/lblocking a lot. Learning what limbs, armor, tails, etc. can be cut-off and smashed is a big deal. My most satisfying moment was fighting the Barroth, cutting off its tail for the first time, and watching as it tried to slash at me with the stub. I really want to get into some multiplayer, but I haven't had any success joining a lobby. I'm not sure why yet.

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@BestUsernameEver: It comes with the game. They're .ogg files in the Steam directory. Of course, you'll have to sort them, rename them, and tag them yourself (as mentioned above), but they're there if you buy the game from Steam.

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@Tennmuerti: That's harsh. At least the game was a lot of fun. I'll definitely play it more. Just for fun, I plan to do a high chaos run to dig into the combat. I guess that won't take long if I just fight everyone who gets in my way. After that, I suppose I'll do an extremely methodical, slow stealth playthrough. I did my best to not care about any achievements because it wasn't much fun to keep reloading. I took Patrick's advice and just started doing what needed to be done. Things got messy, but I had a lot more fun.

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@Tennmuerti: I've read that if you finish the last mission again after replaying previous missions to get 0 kills and 0 detection the achievement unlocks. I haven't seen anyone else confirm this. It sort of contradicts the fact that replaying a mission acts as if you loaded a save from that point, so you have all the same upgrades. But if the mission stats update with the new results, maybe that's all some of the achievements require. Worth a shot if you've already done most of the work of replaying previous missions.

I'm in the same boat. I had no idea rats were killing unconscious guards in the prison, so I have 2 or 3 missions with 1 or 2 kills. After a few missions, the loading screen warned me about the rats and I changed how I played. If I could replay them for the Clean Hands achievement, I'd be thrilled. I really want to try replaying the game and just going with the different weapons and powers, but I'd like to try Clean Hands eventually.

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That's what I (and I think everyone) needed to know. Thanks, guys!