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@milkman: Wow, just!? I don't know how the DA can justify his handling of this case.

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I might also look into the 900 gtx series of cards, less power consumption, slightly better performance. I don't think they are considerably more expensive than the 700 series. That being said, for the trade, I would take the 760.

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It's not bad, but it's not great. Little things like the awkward city navigation (you can't grapple on certain buildings for no apparent reason), the fact that it felt extremely familiar to Arkham City, and the pacing of the story made it feel mediocre when compared to the Rocksteady games. Oh, and the game was kind of buggy as hell.

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@crembaw: is Ukriane really worth the hit in international trade? Russia is a big country, Russia's exports in agriculture are going to suffer cause of what, a need to prove itself with Ukriane?

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Just learn Russian, problem solved

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This hurts Russia more than anyone else in the long run, I don't really understand Putin's motivation for the whole charade.

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Seems reasonable, If I lived in Gotham I would never leave the house.

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I'm going to go with real, nothing on those screen shots looks completely out there

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MGS 3: Snake Eater with the revamped camera

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I thought the deathstroke fight was the highlight of the game. The game itself was ok, but it was too much of a retread of Arkham city. That being said, I still have faith in the upcoming game. To say that some mechanics are played out when there have been only 3 games seems silly when comparing the Arkham games to other successful franchises.

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