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For a man I didn't even know personally, this is some truly tragic news.

R.I.P Ryan. You'll be missed.

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Deadly Premonition would definitely be up there. Last year myself and two friends played through it. Early on they wondered why I suggested such an odd game and I only kept telling them that, "It gets better. And crazier." Seeing their interest in the game gradually increase and their reactions to how the game ends was priceless, much like my own when I sat through the BR Endurance Run.

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Horny Mall Goths.

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Borderlands 2

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Everyone should look at the Screened page for The Room and see the 70+ stills I uploaded. And then immediately watch The Room.

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Currently, I have the older model Xbox 360 with a 60GB hard drive. Today browsing the Sears clearance section, I noticed that they had the 60GB LIVE bundle marked down to $19.99 (60GB hard drive, mic, and 3 Month Gold card). Since the bundle comes with a 3 month LIVE card and I needed to renew soon anyway, I went ahead and got it. So now I have two 60GB drives. In the future, when I obtain the newer model 360, will I be able to transfer the data from both drives over to the new "S" hard drive easily? Thanks.

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I got the DVD for my friend last year around Christmas time. Two friends and I watched it soon after. 'Twas entertaining.

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I went ahead and got one. The poster is larger and of better quality than I expected. Also, it's 24x36.

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Has anyone pre-ordered AC Revelations from Gamestop and received the exclusive poster? I saw that the poster was designed from Mike from Penny Arcade. I am thinking about going to my local store soon and seeing if they have any posters left. Does anyone know what size it is? Thanks.