Edited by SaucySala

I put the trailer and the shooting dudes videos together and kinda chopped the whole thing up.
I also added one of my favorite classical pieces...

Tell me what you think!

Posted by dogbox

Nice work! Somehow made me more psyched to play Killzone 2 than before.

Posted by SoothsayerGB

I'd check it out.  But linky scary.  Embed?

Posted by SaucySala

I tried to embed it and it seemed all funky...

Do I just use the embed code given from Youtube?

Posted by SaucySala

Oh, awesome, I found out how to do it!

Posted by LtColJaxson

Yup works pretty well with the song.

Posted by CreamyGoodness

very good. reminds me from a scene from a sci-fi anime or something

Posted by SaucySala

Yeah, when I get my good editing software in I can try and make an even better one.
I had to do it on crappy Windows Movie Maker... BLEH!