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There are the 2 main ways to do it.

From the page of the list you want to add to:

  1. Click on the button labelled "Edit your list" at the top of the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list.
  3. Type into the search whatever you want to add.
  4. Click on the search result you want once it appears.

From the wiki page of the thing you want to add:

  1. Click on the button labelled "Add to list" on the right at the top of the page.
  2. A pop up box will appear showing all of your lists. Click on the list you want to add the item to; it will be appended to the end of that list.
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A cheap and dirty iOS port would be far, far more likely to ever happen, and even that seems relatively unlikely. Xenogears doesn't have anywhere near the commercial potential to justify the huge cost of a full HD remake. Even FF7, the biggest blockbuster JRPG of all, was for many years judged as commanding too small a market to support the expense of an HD remake.

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If 2/6/15 Mbps are the speeds your ISP is advertising, it's important to remember that the actual speeds delivered may be significantly less than these. It's common for ISPs to advertise the maximum theoretical speed, but deliver something slower to many real customers. Low speeds like these sound like DSL, and the delivered speed on a DSL connection can vary widely between customers of the same ISP.

I'd say 2 Mbps is not adequate for your needs, especially the video streaming. 6 Mbps is borderline workable if your actual speed is close to your advertised speed and if you're willing to make some quality concessions.

You should do a speed test to check how close your current speed is to what it's advertised as being. With a little more work, you could also try throttling your current connection to 6 Mbps and then use that for a while and see how it feels to you.

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@gerriam said:

Also, I believe at some point they said that it was basically another outlet's show, with it being so heavily involved with PC Gamer, and that they wouldn't want to cover someone else's coverage. At least that's what I vaguely remember...

The GB crew said that about the MGS5 trailer. It was Keighley's exclusive reveal, so they felt it would be inappropriate to co-opt it for their own stream. I don't recall them saying anything similar about the PC game show.

The biggest reason that GB isn't covering it is because they have their own after-hours show to host with guests that they booked weeks ago for that time slot. Even if they didn't have existing scheduled obligations, I think they'd still skip it simply because it's unlikely to have any major news or announcements. It's just going to be some companies with business interests in the PC market doing some cheerleading for the platform. I'm sure GB will talk about it in passing at some point after it's happened.

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I thought it was pretty worthless and got nothing out of watching it. The first movie's obviously a classic, the second was okay and had a few good moments among the bad, and the third felt like a forgettable low budget direct-to-video cash in.

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I would love an actual Baldur's Gate like roleplaying game set in the forgotten realms again with whatever current rule set they are using.

Sword Coast Legends is pretty much that. Whether or not it'll be a good game remains to be seen.

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Life's too short to spend it replaying FFXIII. The game starts slow and confusing with jargon and events that you likely won't understand, so skipping/forgetting that stuff isn't too much of a loss. Since you dropped the game and can't remember a thing about it, it sounds like you weren't getting much out of it, so maybe it's not worthwhile to go back to for you. If you do really want to play it, then when you load your game, you can read the story-so-far summary and poke around the in-game encyclopedia to get the gist of things.

As for your backlog approach, I'd recommend thinking of it less as a to-do list and more as an optional idea list. If you feel you must play every one or even most of the games on the list, then it becomes a burden and you'll inevitably chafe against it. Forcing yourself to play a randomly selected game sounds like a job.

Alternatively, if you treat your backlog more as simply a list of ideas of games that you have, at one time or another, thought you might enjoy, then you can pick up games from it only when the mood strikes you to play them. If you never seem to feel like playing a game, that suggests that you should cut it.

In fact, I think it's good to regularly and aggressively cull games from your list that you realize you're not that strongly interested in. Some of these might be games that you added due to pre-release hype, or high review scores, or positive word of mouth, or because it's part of a franchise you've previously enjoyed, or whatever other reason of obligation. If summarizing why a game is on your list in one sentence requires you so say something along the lines of "I should...", rather than "I really want to...", then you should probably cut that game.

Also, the sooner you realize and accept that you'll never be able to play every game that you could possibly put in your backlog, and that that's a good thing, the more of a treat it becomes to find the time and energy to pick up and play an old game that you truly do want to play.

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I remember my deaths against bosses, but not in levels. I played 100% blind on my first playthrough, so I missed some bosses and areas. I played offline exclusively. I took my time with the game and found it surprisingly unmotivating to play, so it took me around 4 weeks to beat it, with a final play time of about 32 hours. I also only played through the first chalice dungeon (I thought it was less fun than the main game content and the chalice dungeon mechanics were too cryptic, so I didn't spend more time with them).

Death counts:

  • Cleric Beast: 1
  • Father G: 1
  • Vicar Amelia: ~7
  • Blood-starved Beast: 0
  • Witch of Hemwick: 0
  • Darkbeast: 0
  • Shadow of Yharnam: ~4
  • Rom: 2
  • One Reborn: 0
  • Amygdala: 0
  • Micolash: 1
  • Wet Nurse: 0
  • First Chalice Dungeon: 0

The hardest fight for me turned out to be Vicar Amelia. I found her difficult because of her healing ability, which made the fight one of attrition in which I inevitably ran out of vials while she never ran out of heals. Nothing I tried stopped her healing. In the most egregious case, I got her down to around 10% health on one run and then she used her healing ability 3 times consecutively, bringing her right back up to 50% health. Eventually, attack pattern RNG gave me an easy win when, on one run, she decided to only use her healing once in the whole fight, letting me simply outlast her. That fight was overall a very unsatisfying experience, as it felt like RNG determined whether the fight was impossible or trivial.

On the other end of the spectrum, Blood-starved Beast was, inexplicably enough, a total pushover for me. I just walked in, parried him repeatedly, and then he died. I didn't even realize that he could inflict poison on you. I was surprised to read later that many people struggled a lot with him and some have called him the hardest fight in the game.

I think my favorite fight was Micolash, as I really enjoyed the running chase through the foggy maze. I liked the atmosphere of it and how refreshingly different it felt from most other recent Souls boss fights. Sadly, the final showdown was underwhelmingly simple. Also, it never fails to tickle my funny bone to hear Mico say, "Ah, Kos... or some say Kosm...."

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@rodent said:
Could I actually suspend the d/load while my next months plan kicks in?

Yes, this would work. I used to do this many years ago when I had a tight download cap. You can just let the download run until it has used as much bandwidth as you wish, then pause it in Steam. Once your next month's bandwidth allotment has begun, you can resume the download. You could even repeat this process to spread the download over 3 months or more if you really had to.

One thing to be aware of is that Steam will auto-resume the download whenever you restart Steam. There are two ways to stop this: either always remember to manually re-pause the download as soon as you boot up Steam, or go into the Steam download settings and set Steam to only update between certain hours when you know your computer will be off (e.g. 3 a.m. to 4 a.m.), which effectively turns off Steam's automatic downloading entirely. If you use the scheduling setting, you can still manually initiate a download at any time, yourself.

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If the system has its power cut while it is writing data, that data can become corrupted. While in Stand By mode, the system may write data sometimes, making it unsafe to unplug.

Personally, I don't use Stand By mode, as I like the certainty of the system either being fully on or fully off. Disabling Stand By also saves electricity.