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So does the steam version of this come with all the content from DW8 and XL or is it just a weird stripped down version with only XL content?

Yes, the Complete Edition includes the content from both DW8 and XL. I've read some people say that some amount of the DLC is not included currently, but will be released in the future.

The main thing I'd caution you about before buying is that many people are complaining on the Steam forum about the game's limited controller support, so if you're only interested in playing the game with a gamepad, you may want to research the issue a bit first.

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The Day Zero Warp Up podcast is the only one from Monday. The podcast is called a "wrap up" because it came at the end of a day of them talking over the press conferences, which were kind of like podcasts, themselves.

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The games I'm most interested in happen to all be Kickstarter games:

  • Pillars of Eternity
  • Wasteland 2
  • Divinity: Original Sin
  • Dreamfall Chapters
  • Dead State

Beyond that I'm mildly interested in Far Cry 4, Dragon Age 3, Bayonetta 2, and Evil Within.

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Side question, were they emulating Castlevania today?

I'm pretty sure they've been emulating it from the beginning. I don't know how they'd be able to use a modern controller if they weren't.

I'm kind of surprised by that. Though emulating NES games isn't the shadiest thing ever, I would assume a high-profile gaming site wouldn't want to be seen doing it.

The simple act of running a game on an emulator is not illegal or necessarily shady. If you dump/rip an original copy of a game that you lawfully own and then you run that ROM on an emulator, then you've done nothing wrong. It's also fine to simply put a CD- or DVD-based game into your computer and play it right off the disc using an emulator. The shady part is when people download ROMs that they didn't generate themselves from their own physical games, since they never purchased a license for those ROMs. This also includes running an unlicensed BIOS on an emulator that they didn't dump from their own console.

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I am still unsure how I feel about $20 digital games. I'm sure Transistor is worth it, but my gut is arguing with my brain.

The ideal I strive for is to look at purchases as a pure measure of personal value. I don't care how the game is delivered or what size its budget or developer is. Two things matter: how much of a desirable experience does the game have to offer me, and how much will it cost me? Any price is potentially viable if matched by an appropriately desirable experience. I've played $60 games that gave me less than $60 worth of desirable experiences (i.e. bad purchases) and free games that gave me so many great experiences that they could have justified a price of $100 or more to me.

Regarding Transistor specifically, I'm optimistic and excited about it, but I'll wait until it's out before deciding on buying it. Once it's out, I'll be able to check out representative video of the game being played and read reviews and fan feedback to get an idea of what the game really has to offer, then I'll compare that with the asking price and decide whether to buy it.

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Chrono Trigger should fulfill your criteria well.

Chrono Cross is something of a love-it-or-hate-it type of game. I wish I loved it, but despite multiple attempts, I'm resigned to being in the other camp. Since it's pretty inexpensive, you could always buy it as a coin-flip purchase and gamble to see how you come down on the game. I am not able to recommend the game, myself.

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I'll add that I've played a lot of Diablo 1 and I still like it a lot as a classic. Being the progenitor of a new genre, it's got a simplicity and purity to its systems and scope that I find charming. It's also some evocative atmosphere, due in large part to its great music. The expansion pack for Diablo 1, Hellfire, is pretty awful and mostly devoid of redeeming features. All of its content is not fun to play and of noticeably lower quality than the base game. I might go so far as to even recommend not using the expansion pack at all and just playing the base game on its own; the base game is all that most people played, remember, and might refer back to in regard to Diablo 1, and for good reason.

In the cases of both Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, if you start the game with the original (non-expansion) executable, you'll only be playing the base game content, whereas if you start the expansion's executable, you'll be playing with all content combined (expansion + base game). When you start up the game, you can easily tell whether you're running the base or expansion version by the title screen (does it display the name of the expansion pack or not?). Both games' expansion packs add new content throughout their campaigns, so if you're interested in using the pack (which you absolutely should for Diablo 2; for Diablo 1, it's debatable), start up the expansion pack from the outset and begin your new campaign there.

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I'm in for the DUDER tier. Best of luck to Dave, Mike, and Ian!