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Batman arkham trilogy for ps4/bone would be nice.

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They managed to release 2 Ass Creed games this year, maybe they'll manage 3 next year.

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@finaldasa: Yeah the PS3 version definitely gets wonky and framey in spots. For the most part it has seemed ok but there are spots where it just randomly seems to dip into low frame rates etc. Haven't had anything crash or break really other than one spot where Batman kept saying "I need to get the access code before I can get through the door" or something like that every few minutes even after I passed the door, but a quit and restart fixed that. After playing PS4 and stuff it has definitely been a little jarring to play a last gen system/game. I'm kind of secretly hoping they do a "trilogy" of sorts for the new consoles.

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Started doing this lately. Get to see if it's any good by letting others play it, wait for patches to come out and get it a bit cheaper. The patching thing is what concerns me the most because I feel like it's just better to wait to get the "better" experience.

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Picked this up for the PS3 (I could have just gotten it on PC but dat trophies) and a few hours in and really enjoying this. I played Arkham Asylum and didn't really like it and haven't played Arkham City yet so perhaps I'm getting a tainted experience. The music has been movie quality and absolutely incredible, story is pretty good so far. The set during Christmas setting is pretty darn awesome too. Definitely another collector fest that I don't care about radio towers, random things in a sector to pick up/destroy etc etc. Seemed like this went sort of unnoticed by most people. If anyone is lurking it's a great game and super cheap at this point.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order. Not sure how much it was talked about on the Bombcast but just finished the game and man was it good. Wasn't expecting much but legitimately shocked by how well made and realized it was. Some great sinister characters, alt history etc.

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I'm ok with the way it ended. Kind of hope he just died there because some perfect ending would have been too hokey for the sinister setting they set up. Great freaking game man.

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Just finished the game and had a similar thought. Wasn't sure what to expect but what a damn good game. Played this on the PS4 and definitely don't regret paying full price for it. Even better for those coming in at a discount. Some really great and sinister characters in this game that I wish would have had more "screen time" :) Loved the heck out of the alt history/future etc. Being billed as an old school FPS but it's not THAT old school ;) Any lurkers who are looking for a good FPS to play this is definitely a must buy especially since at this point you will find it at a discount. Truly a great surprise.

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I have a PS4 and a pretty nice PC I built in 2012. I was in a gaming meh for quite a long time and have recently got back into it buying a nice big screen TV and a bunch of PS4 games even though maybe I should have just bought them for the PC etc etc. I don't have a particularly good reason as to why I'm back to console gaming when I have a perfectly good PC right in front of me (other than maybe not testing my ISP limits by having to download 50GB games) but I'm kind of tempted to buy an old gen console again to go back and play some games I missed. I've been really thinking about Batman Arkham Origins for some odd reason, although maybe perhaps with the onset of snow here (finally after enjoying a weirdly long period of warm weather) in Denver I'm in a very "set during Christmas" game type of mood along with some of the other stuff that is simply not available for PC (Red Dead Redemption, Dragons Dogma and probably others I'm missing although I'll feel like a completely goofball when/if there are PC/Xbone4 versions).

Long story short I'm just thinking of wasting some hard earned money on a PS3 or Xbox 360. Currently Gamestop has some holiday deals on old crap and I'm not sure which to go for if that's even a good idea at all. I was thinking of just getting a cheap PS3 and continue getting trophies along with free games etc but an Xbox 360 would be cheaper. What are your folks' thoughts? Dumb idea? Get a PS3? Get a Xbox 360?

I'm admittedly a bit under the influence with alcohol at the moment so please forgive the bizareness of this thread.

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"co-op team-based multiplayer shooter" Yawn.