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The last AssCreed game I played was Brotherhood and mostly played them for the story. I have a PS4 (and PC) but is it worth playing the new ones (Black Flag + Unity) if I've missed a chunk of them? Are the stories decent at all as that's what I usually came for with the series.

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Extremely late but helps a lot. I never played Yakuza 1 and 2 thus started the series at 3 and 4 and enjoyed this a lot. Was a lot more familiar with the world, characters etc so game was much more fun. Would probably get even more out of it if I played Yakuza 1 and 2 but at the very least do yourself a favor and played 3 and 4. Great games.

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Phat boy it is. Guess I was overthinking. Now to figure out what games to get and where (Amazon?). As I mentioned I missed a lot of that generation. Played a little Onimusha, MGS and first Xenosaga thinking I may look for episodes 2 and 3. Persona 4 will be am obvious choice and maybe a bunch of those SMT games? There's some interesting looking ones like Digital devil saga etc.

Just the tip of the iceberg I'm sure.

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Been having a retro itch to go back and play a bunch of PS2 games as I sort of missed most of that era. I have an old school PS2 phat that seems to work fine but was thinking if it was worth it to buy a slim model. I've got a component cable to get the most I can out of it but do the newer models provide any benefit?

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Thanks for the suggestions, I wrote them all down. Leaning a little bit towards Shogun 2.

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I've actively avoided the PC strategy genre for years but lately have had a weird desire to play one. My only real experience with "strategy" games is Final Fantasy Tactics type of stuff and there are so many games out there that I have no idea what would even be good for a beginner. Something maybe like Rome Total War? Don't have any particular time period in mind unless there's maybe like a good modern one.

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After years of hearing about it and also thoroughly enjoying Skyrim, I decided to play some Morrowind. Had some difficulty deciding on a character but been playing a light armored blunt user. Unfortunately reading all the efficient leveling stuff (you know, making sure you get enough skill so you can raise a stat by 5) has got me kind of bummed. I really just want to get into the story and enjoy my first playthrough and explore etc etc ..but all I can think about it raising this or that skill etc etc so I can get the max 5 to a stat on level up. Killing my desire to play the game.

Do I really have to worry about this too much for my first playthrough? Can I just play and have fun and will I mostly be fine if a certain skill say only gets 2 pts etc?

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I have a very weird nostalgia for old PC games, especially RPGs but I've yet to sit down and actually really play one and finish one. I've built up a small little collection via GOG (and some on Steam) and am just feeling that itch to really sit down and immerse myself in one of these games despite my modern sensibilities maybe finding it hard to "go back" so I need people to tell me what to play. Here's what I have but certainly willing to buy something else if someone convinces me on it:


Anvil of Dawn


Arx Fatalis

Baldurs Gate II

Betrayal at Krondor

Deus Ex

Divine Divinity

Ishar Compilation

Lands of Lore 1,2,3

Lionheart Legacy of the Crusader

Might and Magic 6,7,8, X


Outcast (does this count?)

Planescape Torment

Realms of Arkania 3

Return to Krondor



System Shock 2


Ultima Underworld 1,2

Ultima 8

Wizardry 8

Sort of in a dungeony crawlery mood and was thinking of Wizardry 8 or Might and Magic. Maybe a modern version like X or Legend of Grimrock? Any tips would be helpful.

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Batman arkham trilogy for ps4/bone would be nice.

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They managed to release 2 Ass Creed games this year, maybe they'll manage 3 next year.