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So I work for a library system here in Colorado and we have rolled out Oculus rifts (DK1s ...getting some DK2s soon) for patrons to try out and sit out in public with games running (no thefts so don't worry). Were getting kind of sick of the games on them and want to expand out but I'm kind of at a loss for what else to get. Need something cool especially if it's something that loops or so and can be left running like Rail Coaster. I think everyone here has gotten sick of Rail Coaster lol. Here are the games we have:

Blue Marble

Bouncer VR

Cobra Coaster

Don’t Let Go


Dumpy Going Elephants

Epic Dragon

Gravity Well


Helicopter Simulator

Rail Coaster


Rift Racer

Titans of Space

Thanks for the suggestions.

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Wow this thread brings the feels for me. Kind of scary to think where I was mentally. As an update for anyone who cares, I've been driving for over a year now (initially wrote that as drinking ..Freudian slip??) and no issues at all. I've been doing a more customer service job at my work and I honestly just hate it. In less than a month though I will start a new position with the company as they're going through some big changes. I'm hoping that's the change in work stuff that I'll need to break up the feeling of doing the same thing over and over. Overall though I'm apathetic. It's not something I want to do for the rest of my life and this is where the big issue starts for me. While I'm still a virgin (29 now so 1 more year until wizard status) I honestly don't even think about girls at all. I just feel lost from having a "thing". Not a gimmick but some passion that I can work on or some crap like that.

I gave up on a couple of YouTube channels and have just settled on my own personal vlogging type one where I've been trying to incorporate video game stuff but not really turn it into a gaming channel per se. I'm very influenced by Giant Bombs personality based "stuff" and that's what I some day hope to achieve. But that is a far off thing if ever and sometimes hard to even imagine and sometimes I even wonder ...what the hell am I doing? Something like that.

Need to go take a walk and breathe a little after looking at the stuff I wrote in here. Hope you duders are doing well.

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I'm scare :(

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@sniipe: "Getting Started With Game Maker" by Jerry Lee Ford. It's a few years ago but you can still pretty much follow along everything in the book. The amazon reviews seem to be a bit mixed but it's honestly so far been perfect for a complete idiot like me. Understanding objects and instances and all that jazz so far has helped a lot. I didn't buy it but rather got it from a library so perhaps easier to swallow lol? I don't know I like it so far.

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After numerous distractions and procrastinating to no end, I finally got a book on Game Maker from the library and sat down for like 6 hours yesterday and went through about 100 pages trying to learn and have fun. That is the most I've gone through a book that was meant to be technical or learn some program or something. I told myself many times that I would "do" this and I'm going to finally try to "do" it. Game Maker is really fun and I can't wait to learn more from this. Focus on this 2d stuff and one program at first and then perhaps later on I can branch out to something else I just don't want to start too many things at once. The issue now is I need to learn how to draw pixel art lol. Any good tutorials out there? I don't really have much art skill but surely I can train myself? I'm not necessarily looking to be "retro" on purpose but just a realization of my limitations as one person.

Thank you in advance. Maybe just maybe I'll find the "fire" and have a desire to live once again eventually through this.

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Upon second thought maybe I'm not sure of C++ lol. I'd like to be as "independent" as possible as I like doing stuff by myself and someday I would like to create my own (as much as I can) first person dungeon crawler RPG, shitty doom era graphics probably and all. Maybe C# would be better to learn then as that would fit into unity and stuff? Now would I try to make something like the new Might and Magic X or go super old school and do Might and Magic 6 with sprites and stuff. Dilemma! Any insight would be a help but I realize at some point I just need to freaking start!

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I'll probably start with C++ just to start with SOMETHING. It's also kind of a fulfillment of a childhood threat I made when I was younger to learn C++ and get into video game making until I just killed that dream. I figure I can move on from there and not stress too much on better this and that.

Kind of got home and a wave of fear washed over me. I'm so used to be a loser in life that the thought of NOT being one made me absolutely scared. The internal dialogue began of "You're too old to start doing this, do you really want to do this" blah blah.

Programming and depression oh boy what a combo. Anyway thanks for the help guys, it means a lot to me. Any good sources to start C++?

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As I sit here depressed to no end, getting closer to 30 and considering suicide periodically, I wonder what the hell I'm doing with my life. It occurred to me today that I always fantasized about making my own video games, not for the sake of becoming rich or famous but as a creative outlet and to be able to sit in my room with a cup of coffee and tinker on something I love for hours on end.

With that depressing intro aside, if I eventually wanted to make my own games (yeah yeah another one of THOSE threads), and very very little knowledge of programming (I got a BS in Computer Science but forgot pretty much most of it) what would be the best first programming language to start learning that would have the most carry over to game making in the future?

Serious thread guys, this means a lot to me.

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The acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, totally looks like a dumpier Vinny.


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@tearhead said:

Seems like you're more interested in saying fuck new consoles without giving any real reason whatsoever as to why you have this opinion. If you like playing old games that's great and more power to ya, but I don't see how flipping off the WiiU on a toilet helps in validating your stance.

I'm being somewhat sarcastic and obnoxious. I just get the feeling, unless and hopefully later on proven wrong as the generation goes, that it's going to be the same old same old just in 1080 and MAYBE 60fps that PCs have enjoyed for a while and that just feels like a disappointment. Maybe the tech has gotten to the point now where it has to be proven what else they can do not just prettierify the graphics.

I feel it's a great time to go backwards and go back to old games but I realize I may be a very small minority that has this inkling. These are games that are before my time really but something in my loins yearns to explore and pillage their untapped lands and caverns.