Games That I've Never Played (Yet) but I Wish I Did

There's always those games that some how pass us by and later we think, "I wish I played that."  This is a list of these type of games for me.  These games look really interesting, amazing, or at the very least, intriguing (from what I've seen).  For the most part, these are games that I've never even played (i.e. only seen others play it and only read about the game).  I've never owned a Sony console, so that has severely limited the games that I play...quite a bit (to say the least).  I hope to get a PS3 soon and maybe a PS2 to play some of these.  Despite the fear of being ridiculed for the lack of my "gaming prowess," I present this list to you all.
This list will get updated as time goes on.
Note:  These are in no particular order.
(Still need to add my explanations for each game)

List items