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I have the patch update for FIFA 13. but the game is still kicking me out of the EA servers and drop-in games constantly. Is anyone else having these issues (even with this patch)?

P.S. Also my screenname is brentsax20 on PS3 if you want another person on your club. I would love to know if there is a Giantbomb football club for the PS3!

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Chelsea by far. Has anyone had trouble with lobs on the classic controller scheme? I am trying to do some of the drills and the lob one seems pretty hard. Any tips?

P.S. Fifa is by far the best sports game on the market. Really well done overall.

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@VaddixBell said:

Congrats in joining the rest of the world and loving football, any teams you support?

FIFA is without doubt the best of the football games in the market now. It took massive strides in recent years to became the best football game and every year it's improved in meaningful ways. So, go for FIFA 13. There really is no reason in preordering unless you're going to delve into some of the Ultimate Team stuff, but if you're not, don't bother.

In terms of tips, use the 1-2 ball (which is done by holding LB while passing) then the lob through ball (LB +Y) and it will help you a lot. It will help break down a lot of defenses in a lot of games. Other than that, just play it, experiment and have fun.

I support Chelsea. I picked them about 3 years ago, so I don't feel like I was jumping on a bandwagon. I haven't got out of the Premiere League yet. Any other leagues I should follow?

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@FLStyle said:

PES was better than FIFA throughout the PS2 era. FIFA is now the superior series in the PS3 era, don't bother with PES.


I jest, I jest

I think "handegg" would be much more entertaining if it really was an egg. Wait, that's probably been done on some random Japanese game show.

Anyways, these are great comments and I feel better about getting Fifa now.

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So I have recently starting watching soccer (yes, I called it that Brits) after going to London this past summer and watching the final parts of the Euro tourney. Before that trip, I liked soccer. After that trip and watching it in a pub (both the Leinster Arms and The Swan across from Hyde Park), I love soccer. I get it now. It really is "The Beautiful Game," and there is much more to it then I had ever imagined. You have to be a machine to run that much and pull off some of the timing for those kicks and passes. Which brings me to the present day. I pre-ordered FIFA 2013 after finding out last year's game was very good. This will be a two part question here folks:

1. Was it a good idea to pre-order FIFA? (I do not have a soccer game as of now.)

2. Should I have ordered the PES 2013 instead?

This final question is optional in response:

I am new to soccer video games. Any tips?

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As a saxophone player with years and years of practice and enjoyment from making real music I am not sure if I should be offended or excited by this hilarious monster?!?!? Saxophone hero?

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Some of the best QL's on this site have come from the GB team pretty much "break a game" whether by accident or on purpose (i.e. Skytrain). Would the community want a regular weekly feature where they try to purposely "break" a game (finding glitches or making it come to a complete halt)? If not, how about building a game from scratch?

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Oh and the one I ran into recently, rat as an enemy.