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@Video_Game_King said:
Kind of; when I wrote about Ocarina of Time, I hated how I had very little criticisms to lobby against the game.
Very true. That game is hard to hurl insults at. I feel the same way about Goldeneye N64.
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So I am a big fan of Gran Turismo 5 right now, mainly because I have the wheel. I love the game. I also hate it. 
Why? Well, anyone that has played it can tell you of the awful load times, and the horrible UI. However, the game handles incredibly, and I love the realism/challenge.  
This brings me to my subject (and why this isn't a GT5 post). I use GT5 as an example, because I actually love and hate the game at the same. God help me if I had to be the one who reviews a game whenever I have that mixed feeling about a product. Much appreciation to the guys who review on Giantbomb. Do all of you have any games that you clearly love and hate? Why?    

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@EmuLeader: Ever had a Snakebite? It's a great 50/50 of Hard Cider and Lager. Don't like that? Try a Blacksmith. 50/50 Guinness and Smithwick's. Ask a bartender for one of those, and if they know what it is, they know their beer terminology.
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@Devil240Z: Try Ommegang out of Cooperstown NY (especially their Abbey Ale). Great stuff and should be located in some of the local beer/wine stores. 
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If you like a hearty Stout, try Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout. Rate beer gave it a 99 out of a 100. REALLY good. If you like IPAs go with Lagunitas. If you like another kind of IPA with a red ale taste try Ithaca's Caskzilla. If you like a great Belgium beer with a fruity aftertaste that isn't overpowering then try Unibroue's Ephemere. If you want a really good microbrew try Cigar City brewery. Hope this helps! 

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Doom IS scary back in it's day. I played it when it first came out, and it was intense at the harder difficulties with the lights out. No music though. It was bad then, and it is still bad. 

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At 33 seconds the chromatic James Bond background accompaniment comes in clearly. I hate when composers REALLY rip off other stuff. :-( Anyways, I have been waiting for a new CS for a while. This looks like a legit intro.

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Random is always a good thing!!!!! (Mike Tyson's Punch Out!)

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Nope. Maybe Mass Effect, but that is stretching it. Firefly was pretty unique in the way it was written and casted.

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@jamesisaacs: I refuse to believe this is false. Besides Hulk Hogan is running for president anyways. "All my little Hulksters can take down this riot!!!!"