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His segues that aren't really segues are really great. And he is so quick to get off tangent but it doesn't really matter anyway. I feel like drew would make a good host as well. Maybe one days when both Jeff and Brad are out, we'll get a Drew, Dan, O'Dwyer, Rorie cast?

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That aside, I'm very much enjoying his hosting. DAT BRAD VOICE.

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I think Brad's secret goal for hosting the Bombcast is to make a podcast so long that Drew actually has to sit down.

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Why is Vinny not listed as one of the panelists?

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I'll be there! I moved to Seattle recently, so I couldn't afford to miss it this year!

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@fobwashed: You've done it again man! I would love a small please :D

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So many emotions! I love you vinny and I cant wait to see whats in store for my favorite people in the world!!!

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Hotline Miami


Papers, Please

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I bought skyrim 3 times. Standard edition on ps3, collectors edition on ps3, and standard edition on steam. Still have yet to beat that game hahah!

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Sessler's mad that the dark souls 2 beta got pushed back. That's all.

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