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I'll be there! I moved to Seattle recently, so I couldn't afford to miss it this year!

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@fobwashed: You've done it again man! I would love a small please :D

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So many emotions! I love you vinny and I cant wait to see whats in store for my favorite people in the world!!!

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Hotline Miami


Papers, Please

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I bought skyrim 3 times. Standard edition on ps3, collectors edition on ps3, and standard edition on steam. Still have yet to beat that game hahah!

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Sessler's mad that the dark souls 2 beta got pushed back. That's all.

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Ryan I would have loved to meet you. Rest in peace, and thank you for everything you have given to the world of games journalism and thank you for the hours of entertainment you have given to me. My thoughts go out to each and everyone whose lives were touched by Ryan. He will be missed by us all

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@BisonHero: I guess you're right hahaha

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I think the real question is, would people complain if Lara was the ugliest women alive?

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So many good moments I can't decide!