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"Trenched" just sounds like... well, it sounds like you're stuck in a trench a la World War I.

Isn't that the whole point of the mechs in the first place? That as long as you're stuck in a trench you might as well make it mobile with sick legs and guns and missiles and shit? Trenched is literally a game about people in trenches, it's just that the trenches have legs.

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I also love Dark Souls' world, again not the highest poly count out there, and to some it might look kind of nasty and inhospitable, but there's a beauty in its darkness that just sparks imagination and wonder. For some reason Ash Lake stands out ...

I want to second this. Beauty isn't merely technical, nor should it be any sort of traditional set of aesthetic conditions. The world of Dark Souls can become a very moving place to exist in and to traverse through after a long time. It does wonderful things with the contrast between the different parts of the world and the stories they tell (the decrepitude of Undead Burg, the hazy darkness of Darkroot Garden, the opulence of Anor Londo), plus the atmosphere in these places really draws you in, despite being so preoccupied with simply surviving.

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I'd like to see the industry, or at least just GB (it's basically the only site I go to anyways), move towards a scoreless system. Not only because it would subvert a lot of the bullshit around how games get scored (the 7-9 problem, publishers asking certain things not to be talked about in reviews, rereleasing updated games with a slightly different title to subvert services like metacritic, etc) but also because I personally encounter a problem where I take a glance at the score and who reviewed it, and from that plus maybe some podcast comments intuit basically what the review will be, without actually reading the review. I think taking away the score may encourage me to actually read more deeply into why some particular reviewer did or didn't like some particular game rather than just glancing at a number and a name and leaving it at that.

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Demon's Souls. When I first got it I hated it and couldn't get past the past few levels, and generally had no idea what was going on. Years later after playing and finishing Dark Souls multiple times, I picked it back up again and while I struggled mightily with it, I did finally beat it.

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@dudeglove: I hear the same handful of companies advertised on like every podcast I listen to, so get used to it if you start listening to a lot of podcasts.

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Man, I haven't and probably won't play this game, but this thread is hilarious. How many times has it been mentioned by Jeff et al that something isn't really a spoiler till somebody yells spoiler?

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But Ness is my favorite character from the original Smash Bros. What have you got against Ness?

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Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately it didn't work.

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Thanks for the update Rorie, we don't get to hear enough out of you around here.