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@fisk0: I'd probably be more likely to play it.

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I like to imagine they're actually using the original Unreal Engine, and not Unreal 4.

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@artisanbreads: I get your point with Dan wanting to play a dickish heel, but if he's gonna dish it out he has to learn to take it to, which he clearly was unable to do given his response to what Brad did. Brad robbing Dan was just as annoying as Dan demanding a larger share of gold, btw. If they can't screw with each other and keep it all in good fun (and it seems less than half the people playing are interested in that to begin with...) then the whole show is going to be a trainwreck and probably won't last past the next episode.

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@zelyre: Playing the same character is fine, but doing the exact same antagonistic stuff? Brad must know that playing that way is going to piss off other players, right? I mean he isn't dense. It just seems to go against the whole point of streaming in the first place if it's gonna be like this. And of course Dan shares the blame here for how he reacted as well, but what did Brad expect?

Edit: I'm seeing now that the stuff at the end started up because Dan thinks he deserves more gold than the others after the fight? I missed a bit of the stream and came back to Dan accusing Brad of stealing from him so I didn't fully understand the nature of the issue when I typed this response. Given how the argument started, I'm slightly sympathetic to Brad trolling Dan back, though neither of them should be behaving like this in the first place and it doesn't exactly make for great watching either...

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Try and find a way to encourage Brad to not play exactly the same game as he did during the Pathfinder streams. Isn't the whole point of starting a new series to differentiate it from the previous one?

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They should use a bit of that supposed freelance budget to hire Patrick for a review and quicklook.

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Certain periods of Metallica are simply incredible (basically up till the Black Album, plus I really love Death Magnetic), but when they got shitty they got really shitty.

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@baka_shinji17: I've never worn the hoodie, but I've worn a number of GB shirts through airport security in the US with no problem.

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That stun trap plus the spell that gives you a protective shield are are gonna be your friend in this fight.

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