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When you die.

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Same here, not playing the demo. Going to get it anyway so why bother? I figuerd.

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Nope no niet non nej

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Im not sure if your trolling or not.... But ill bite. I have long hair because it hides my big ears rather well. So where did you get the idea that if a dude and have long hair, it automatically makes him look like a homeless person, don´t people around you wash their hair?

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Yay WW3 here we come! HF&GL everyone!

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Dungeons of Dredmor

Left For Dread

Holy mother of shock. I doubt that ill ever make it. (i´m not going to use tutorials or WTs) but I got lucky once and got the Dread and Buried so who knows? Maybe the lighting will strike twice.

I´ve never been a achivment whore, but for some reason this one makes me want to get it.

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I think it means "Brono Crazy" and "After Dat".

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Aaaaand this is the main reason why I don´t buy Bethseda games at launch.

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There´s a lot of games out there, so many that sometimes a really fun or intresting game might get overlooked in the sea of games.

So I thought to myself why not make a thread that can help people find these games.

So here we are


A game where you´re a small dude trying to get all the treasure and loot he can find.

Gameplay took me a while to get use to but once you do it feels really good.

Addictive and gives off a roguelike feeling.

Will someday come out on XBLA

Get it here


GB Speulnky

World of Goo

A game where you play with gooey balls that only wants to be set free!

Puzzle game that´s really addictive and unqiue in it´s playstyle. (I think.... correct me if i´m wrong)

Pirated to hell and back

Game is up on steam and will soon be up on Andriod

Get it here and here


GB World of Goo

Feel free to post any game you think deserve some more love.

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Keep doing these Lemon! They´re great!

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