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No. Are you one of those "sacrifice individuals for the 'greater good'" people?

Joel owed humanity nothing and did what any respectable and moral person in his situation would.

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Origins is one of the best RPGs ever made.

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Read some philosophy. Just look around and read the basics of whatever you find interesting. That put me out of whatever shitty thoughts I had in high school.

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"Toxic behavior" sounds like the kind of term an elementary school teacher would use.

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I don't pay the TV license because I don't watch TV, and if I did I wouldn't pay unless I watched the state channels, which will never happen.

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They're still adjusting to the new office.

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You and everyone else in this thread, since any dissent is getting deleted.

He was fun in the Bioforge videos and live streams. Never read any of his articles, though.

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The Shining

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That was funny. I like his thinking.

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@pedanticjase: It clearly needs to be illegal because we need to protect people from themselves.