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Did the Batwing drop anything for you?

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@Humanity said:

Why do people like the driving in 4? I might not agree with that entire list but goddamn if I didn't hate the driving physics in GTAIV. I think the way he described it was 100% accurate. No matter which car you drove pulling the handbreak would literally make you skid as if you were on ice forever. You actually had to slow down and break before taking turns like it's Forza or something. I loved how in Vice City and San Andreas you could drive really fast and just handbreak a turn in a controlled manner.

That and the fact that in GTAIV the bikes handled worse than the cars just made it terrible. What was so good about that sort of driving? Do people want Forza-ish driving physics in a GTA game??

Love having weight and feel to the cars. Makes the world feel that much more immersive and real. San Andreas was great but going back to it's running and driving model feels so simple and toy-like. My biggest problem with playing the Saints Row games.

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Saints Row > anything Rockstar will end up doing.

Saints Row 2 held this idea and Saints Row: The Third seems to be upping this idea even more. I just don't feel Rockstar can make a mechanically competent game. GTAIII, Vice City and San Andreas get a free pass because that was back when mechanics were simple, but with IV, they've proven they can't properly implement and tweak mechanics such as shooting, cover, movement and running.

Lol ironic as these are the elements of Saints Row and Saints Row 2 I find the weakest!

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@Funkydupe said:

@Scapegoat: Does not compute?

Sorry I was confused as you said that you thought 80/100 wasn't the score he intended to give but also you agreed with his 4/5.... doesn't 4/5 = 8/10 = 80/100 = 800/1000?

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@Funkydupe said:

I'm pretty sure Dave meant to hold the game in higher regard than 80/100.

@Funkydupe said:

@mikey87144: I did read his review. I fully agree with his review, and score of 4/5 stars.


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I would recommend buying a monitor. It's awesome being able to game while surfing the net/watching TV/viewing a FAQ or guide.

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I also experienced the dialogue audio cutting out when I installed Deus Ex - forcing vsyc through my video card's driver fixed it up! 
Running Win 7 x64.

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I think you should take a step back and wait and see how the in game store and consumables fit into the game before making up your mind. 

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Haha I can attest to this. When I was 10-12 me and my brother rode our bikes out to this trail in the woods that had porn mags stashed in a bush. Was pretty awesome.

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This is why I always make sure to have sex on my games before I take them in to sell.